Friday, May 20, 2016


Guruji's Blessings - Guruji Maharaj cures my painful mouth ulcers through samosa prasad...

Since last 15-16 days, my mouth had been full of painful ulcers all around. All i could swallow was light khichri or softly cooked rice in semi-liquid form. Had consulted a general physician but medicines were not at all effective. Since these ulcers appeared intermittently since last year, my school-friend who is a gynae advised me to consult a gastroenterologist. Last Sat, i went to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and consulted a gastroenterologist and must say the doctor picked the symptoms at once and as per symptoms suspected that i have intestinal ulcers which is why these mouth ulcers are appearing again and again accompanied with several loose-motions. He gave me medicines and a couple of blood tests to be done post which he has advised a colonoscopy might have to be done. I took the medicines from Sat onwards but till Monday there was no relief at all. Before the old ulcers dissapeared, the new painful ones appeared. I was in a horrible condition.
On Monday morning as a routine, i visited Bade Mandir. After bowing to Guruji Maharaj, went for prasad. We got samosa prasad. I was scared as to how would i consume it as i wasn't even able to move my tongue and could only swallow semi-liquid. But i said to myself, this is Guruji's prasad and i will have to consume it completely as this is my medicine, it will cure me. With great difficulty i consumed it completely and my mouth was burning badly. Post this, i took agya and returned home. Needless to say, the Supreme, Guruji Maharaj had already blessed me. Tuesday morning i found the ulcers had faded away... and by Wednesday, i was completely cured of mouth ulcers. There were no ulcers at all, even no new ones appeared as they were continuously appearing. Coming Sunday, the reports will come and will go to the doctor on Monday and I'm sure Guruji Maharaj will take care of it as well. No words are enough to thank Guruji Maharaj. As always Guruji wants us to share satsangs, this is the only way i think, i can Thank Guruji Maharaj!..

Bin Mangya He Sab Kich Paa Liya, Guruji De Dar Aan Ke...

Jai Guruji Maharaj!!..

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