Friday, May 13, 2016

Ritu Sandhir


Flowers have the fragrance but it is the wind which comes and spreads it. In the same way, each one of us is beautiful within - caring and loving, but we don't know how to spread this fragrance. Satsang is the wind which comes and spreads the fragrance to everybody.
So today I am sharing a SATSANG of RENU R PUJARI
Guruji has a unique style of blessing his Sangat. It is always so grand and beyond one can expect. I would like to share a satsang with guruji sangat. Recently, I was assigned a task at my workplace which I found bit challenging. I had no choice but to go ahead and start working on it without the special skill that was required. But as I said if you surrender to guruji he is always there. He reassure us that we are not alone by divine signals. In my case, I was in the meeting room surrounded by 9 people who were explaining me what need to be done and how important the work is. I was under so much pressure thinking how I'm going to do it in 3 days considering the risk factor was pretty high. In the very next moment I saw a butterfly at the window of my meeting room which is pretty unusual as my office is at the 5th floor and I m not sure if a butterfly can fly that high. I was overwhelmed by the sight of it. I was so relaxed that guruji is with me.
Guruji made the rest of the work a piece of cake for me. And everything else started falling in place as if the plan was already there and i was just executing it. It was no wonder for me that the project was extremely successful as i knew it was all done under guruji's command.
But, what suprises me is my Manger who is known for not acknowledging achievement went overboard. Not only he praised me infront of bunch of people but also wrote an email to the branch head acknowledging and congratulating my work.

Now that is the style of our Guruji!! His Kripa is so loud and overwhelming that tears just can't stop rolling down. Humare satguru jaisa koyi nahi...Tu mera pita, Tu mere mata..Tu mera bandu aur tu hi mera daata...Jai guruji...Guruji please forgive me for any mistaks. I tried my best to put you immense kripa in words but I know words can't do justice to your blessing...Jai guruji!!
Life is what you make it. Inner peace gives you an aura of happiness, contentment and security. Hurdles in life are handled with composure and nothing can damp ones spirit once your heart is free from burdens and hurts. Prayer is the secret as God's grace is unlimited
"You are not meant to live a small life filled with stress, resentment, and disappointment. You are meant to live a grand life filled with peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from creating the grand life you want - especially YOU!"
When you are in GURUJI aura
Nothing will go wrong
Just relax and say Guruji
JAI Guruji !

Satsang by Ritu sandhir
I would like to share a satsang with guruji's divine sangat. Sometime back my best friend Mona was in Delhi for a few hrs., on her way to Punjab from Guwahati,where she's presently posted...althou' she'd never been to guruji's mandir, she had always shown keen interest and had been asking me abt 'my guruji'. I had given a photogragh of HIM (in orange chola) to her which has bn kept in her mandir.....@ d airport, she very excitedly told me that during d 10 min. nap in the flight, she had seen guruji walking dn the isle ,stopping near her n asking her if she wanted 'money' n very excitedly she had said yes. At this, Guruji smiled n disappeared....Mona woke up with a jerk n felt stupid that of all d blessings she wanted 'money' from god..... As desired by her, we went straight to Bade Mandir from the airport. She was very happy n surprisingly she got to do a sewa also,on her1st visit to d mandir, WOW !!....what ever little time that we were together, we were only talking abt 'our guruji' .....this happened abt a fortnight back .
On sat (8th) she called me in d morning n started crying on phone...could barely spk...she said she had gone to d bank to withdraw some cash, and since it was a big amt, she just took d bundles n put them in her bag. After sitting in d car she just took out some money to count n there she FOUND a PHOTOGRAPH of GURUJI in white chola, in a bundle of rs 500......she is more than sure that she DIDN'T HAVE that pic in her bag, has only one photo of guruji given by me earlier....she n her mother couldn't believe it .... got soo emotional.....the feeling was overwhelming. Haven't stopped speaking about Guruji ever since.....
Jai Guruji ki !! Amazing are HIS ways of blessing all of us ...

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