Friday, May 27, 2016

Ten dwars

Guruji's ten Dwars are extremely fragrant.
On the back of Guruji's head was the Surya, on the left side next to HIS eye was the Peacock and on HIS forehead next to HIS right eye was the Sheshnaag. In the centre of HIS forehead starting from in between HIS eye brows was the Shivalinga which most of the Sangat has seen. At times the Sangat would see that the Linga on HIS forehead would grow in height and reach the top of HIS head. HIS body was filled with OM's but the one HE liked the most was the golden OM which was where his Shakti started in HIS body. HIS Charan has the line of a Saint - Padam. Guruji said this is how you must decorate your body through prayer.
(From Bamby Aunty's Book- GURU JI MAHARAJ

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