Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Guruji information

Description of Guruji Maharaj :

1. Guruji- Birth and Samaadhi
Born: 7-Jul-1952 in Dugri village neavr Malerkotla ,
Sunsign: Cancer
Name: His name was 'Nirmal Singhji' but people
just fondly call him 'Guruji'.
Parents: Shri Mast Ramji and Late Smt. Surjit
Family: He was the 2nd of their 3 sons and also
had a younger sister.
Samaadhi: He attained samaadhi on 31-
May-2007 at the age of 55 years.
2. His Personality:
He had a clean shaven head with no beard but
exuded magnificent spiritual grace.
He was Lord Shiva incarnate and emitted divine fragrance- similar to heavenly roses.
Was always very affectionate towards his
followers who also called him Satguru (true guru).
He never delivered any sermons or prescribed any
He emphasized on just getting connected
'directly' with HIM by prayers and meditation.
3. Education and Early Years:
School: Govt. Primary School, Dugri
Matriculation: High School Burthala Munder.
Childhood: Had showns signs of spirituality from
childhood and started predicting future events
correctly since the age of 5 years.
Graduation: Double MA in English and Economics
from Government College, Malerkotla .
People say that many times, he was aware of
questions and answers even before the
After completing his education, HE left home to
help people all around and fulfill his spiritual
4. His Social Impact:
He roamed around many cities in India and finally
settled down in the 'Empire State' house (known
as Chotta Mandir) on MG Road in Delhi.
Helped thousands of people get out of their
emotional and physical difficulties without
expecting anything in return.
He healed many serious diseases when even
medical science had given up.
Numerous instances where he knew the past/
present/future by just looking at the person.
Blood/X-Ray lab reports would show normal
results within hours of his touch and blessings.
5.Even Today:
Guruji's temple- known as Bada Mandir- is
located at Bhatti mines near Chattarpur, South
Every week, melodious Gurbaani and Shabad fill
the air at Bada  Mandir from Thursday till Sunday
between 7 pm to 9 pm.
People meditate and every person present is
served a generous langar/prasad.
Numerous people get cured or benefitted even
today by having that langar prasad (blessed
food) and having faith in HIM. 
Even though HE is not there in his mortal guise,
he is giving peace and happiness to lakhs of his
followers- many of whom may have never met
him in their lifetime.
6. His Key Message:
Don't tell your problems to God. Do the right
karma and just surrender yourself completely to
the supreme power with unconditional faith. The
almighty Guruji will take care of the rest.
Jai Gurujii          🙏 — feeling blessed at Main Bazar, New Delhi.