Friday, May 20, 2016


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To all the guruji's followers,
Just what guruji once said in his birth place "dugri" that he is tied in the hands of nature. He said, he also have some limitations and he always thought that when he wouldn't be around there will be lots of miracles which may happen in our lives.
And whatever he said is actually happening today. Guruji is still here with us.

Lord ram was born on this planet, lord krishna, and even lord shiva was born on this earth. In this century guruji took the avatar of lord shiva.
I just want to tell you all that neither the old followers of guruji nor the new followers of guruji can guide you but only guruji can. You need to devote ur self towards guruji and he will guide you on his own. It can never happen that guruji will be partial with his followers. For guruji, all his followers are equal and are like their own children.
Once guruji asked a lady to do his satsang in one line. The lady said " GURUJI AAP BHAGWAAN HO" . In this century guruji is god for us. Don't think you'll only be blessed if you'll visit his temple. Even if you'll sit home and pray, he will listen to your prayers even then.

It is my humble request to all the followers of guruji to directly connect with guruji and don't listen to what people say. Just listen to your heart and guruji will guide you on his own
🌻🌻" JAI GURUJI " 🌻🌻

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