Saturday, May 14, 2016

Anil Aggarwal

Dr. Anil Aggarwal, who get connected to Guruji in 1992 when GURUJI was in physical form shared his long association with Guruji.
He shared that once an uncle, Aunty and their daughter who had come from Saudi Arabia visited Guruji with a Guruji's regular sangat.Guruji usually shake hands with foreign sangats. While shaking hand with their daughter, Guruji found that she had wrapped her hand with a cloth. Guruji unwrapped the her hand and found it full of white spots.She felt bad that Guruji by unwrapping, had made her hands spots visible to the whole Sangat present.
Guruji politely asked her to come for three consecutive days. But the family had plans to go Mata Vaishnovdevi shrine. The father of the dauther told Guruji that she can come after returning from Mata Vaishnovdevi shrine to which Guruji said this not MELA, that you can come any time and looked at their daughter but said nothing more.
Next day the dauther came to Guruji , touched Guruji's Lotus Feet and quietly sat in the corner devotionally Listening to Gurubani Shabads. She came next day and the third day as well.
On third day, Guruji said to her what changes she has felt. She replied to Guruji that due to white spots on her hand, she had could sleep for few hours for countless years, but for last three since coming to Guruji, she has slept undisturbed and deep sleep. She said Guruji I am not feel low or ashamed by the while spots now and her mind is fully in peace.
Her father , however felt bad that they wasted three days and Guruji could not cure her.
Guruji smiled and let them leave. They had mere walked past few metres when GURUJI asked their daughter to check her hand. She stopped ,turned to see and show her hands, she and all Sangat present saw that there was not a single white spot on her hand. Guruji's miracle had happened.
Dr. Anil shared one more Satsang. One of the friend of Guruji sangat suffered huge losses in business and almost went penniless. He decided to suicide next day and told to Guruji sangat. The sangat convinced him to postpone suicide for day and bright him to Guruji.
Guruji listened and looked at his three daughters.
Guruji asked him tha He wanted to visit his shut down factories. Arrangements for Guruji's visit to factories were made and Guruji visited his one factory, took some soil from the ground and putting on the palm blew it and left for second factory. There Guruji lifted His Feet to get out of car but halted in-between and said no need....let's go.
When GURUJI on way to return to Delhi, the phone of Guruji sangat rang and the man whose factories have shut told that from no where the labour has returned, raw materials had arrived without his asking for and that all his factories are running now......with Guruji's miracle in few hours.
Dr.Anil asked Sangat to love Guruji from heart with full faith and surrender, and there is no dearth of Guruji's blessings.
Love u Guruji
Jai Jai Guruji
Kalyan Karo Guruji

Mere Guruji Jaisa Koi Nahi.

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