Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meera Malini

A dream transfer takes place
I met Guruji eight years ago and I was His forever at first sight. Before coming to Guruji, I was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. I had great faith in him. Then a dream transfer took place! In my dream, I saw the marble statue of Sai Baba that was kept in my drawing room. It disappeared and Guruji was sitting in its place. I was so happy that I embraced Him.
The next day when I went to Guruji's, He said that I had squeezed Him with a tight embrace the previous night. I was surprised: how had He known of my dream? Instantly, I understood that Guruji is God Incarnate. Nothing is hidden from Him; He knows everything about us, our past life and the future.
But, He does not reveal these details. Once when I was pressing Guruji's lotus feet, He told me that after three years I would know why He had called me to Him. I was perturbed and wondered what the reason could be.
I forgot what Guruji had said. Then three years later, my husband had heart and kidney problems. We took him to Mumbai and he was in the ICU for 15 days. During all those troubled days, I kept Guruji's photograph in my hand and prayed to Him incessantly. My anxiety mounted. I told my daughter in Delhi to go to Guruji and apprise Him of my problems. Guruji, however, pre-empted this, saying that Aunty (that is, me) was connected to Him.
I learnt anew that Guruji knows everything and there is no need to tell Him anything. Thanks to Guruji's grace, my husband's condition improved and we returned to Delhi. I went immediately to Guruji and tried to thank Him repeatedly. Only then did Guruji point to the reason behind us being called to Him: He said He had to give a new life to my husband.
We all know that life and death are in the Creator's hand and if Guruji gives a new life to a person, it just shows who He is - God.

Mrs Malhi or Meera, 'the dust of His lotus feet
July 2007

Jai Jai Guru Ji <3

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