Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mumbai Mandir

Jai Guruji Maharaj 🙏📢📢

'Guruji Ka Ashram' Mumbai Mandir schedule is shared below for Sangat's kind reference. A google map link is also attached for Sangat's comfort.

Guruji's Mumbai Mandir is managed under direct supervision of Bade Mandir and the notifications shared below is a referral advisory for Sangat to follow considering that Guruji's Mumbai Mandir is inside a residential society.

Mumbai Mandir Schedule :

Every Monday (as Bade Mandir)
8 am to 8 pm
Mantra Jaap at 730 pm
Guruji's blessed chai prashad is served to sangat.

Every Thursday & Saturday
Gate opens - 615 pm
Sangat - 630 pm to 8 pm
Gate closes - 10 pm
Guruji's blessed langar prashad is served after the Mantra Jaap.

Mumbai Mandir Address -
'Guruji Ka Ashram' Mumbai Mandir
104,105 : 1st floor, Building 3C
Phase III, NG Suncity, Thakur Village,
Kandivali East, Mumbai

Google Map Link -

Mumbai Mandir Advisory -

. Please park your cars as advised by parking sewadaars team. To comfort society residents and keeping in mind the safety of children playing, please do not bring cars inside the society. CPP - Car Parking Pass are available with Parking sewadaars

. Please refrain flocking, talking loud, taking pictures at society main gate, building gate, stairs or common corridor before and post satsang

. Please bring children responsibly. They are innocent but as mature adults, parents should ensure that fellow Sangat and Mandir do not face any dis comfort because of children's noise or their running around

. Please give briefing to new Sangat on the discipline to follow at Guruji's Mandir and importance of Guruji's Langar prashad

. Please do not smoke within the building premises

. Use of mobile phones is strictly not allowed inside the mandir premises for sangat. Mandir regulations allow sewadaars to request sangat to leave the mandir if mobile phones are used or Sangat is seen talking despite repeated requests. Please do not use Mandir for networking, socializing and business purpose

. Please co-operate with sewadaars at Parking, Joda Ghar and inside the mandir by following their instructions. Please remember that sewadaars are also a fellow sangat like all and they work diligently in the background ensuring Guruji's Mandir runs smoothly and His Sangat is always comfortable

. Only handicapped sangat will be given a chair inside the hall

. Please give your constructive suggestions and valuable inputs to Mumbai Mandir directly

. Please help us maintain the environment at Mumbai Mandir as equal as Bade Mandir and adhere to the advisory with all sincerity and as a responsibility towards Guruji as His sangat

*Guruji Ka Ashram*
*Mumbai Mandir*

*Jai Guruji Maharaj*🙏🌹🙏

*Please Forward this message to All Sangat*