Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rheumatoid arthritis

Jai Guruji 🙏🏻🙏🏻
I would like to bow my head in Guruji 's lotus feet and seek His permission to share my satsang that only talks about how Guruji showered His blessings on my 8 year old son.
Around the last week of December, my son started having pain in his left ankle but there was no fracture and within 3 days he was fine. Time passed by and on the morning of 12 th February he started complaining of pain and by evening his same ankle was swollen and had so much pain that he got fever with it. The next day we took him to a ortho who plastered his ankle declaring it is a tissue injury and complete bed rest. A week went by and he started feeling stiffness in his left knee. He wouldn't let us touch it and would scream with pain. As his pain would worsen so would his fever. Finally I went to his paediatrician who feared Rheumatoid arthritis. It took the life out of me. As a mother one cannot possibly think your child suffering so much. I gathered my strength and in my heart spoke to Guruji and promised Him that I won't break, I won't let even a tear drop fall from my eyes and I certainly won't loose my faith in you. I was sure that whatever Guruji will do, will be for my 8- year old 's well being only. I placed Guruji s Swaroop under his pillow and one on his bed side. I told Guruji that I have my complete faith in Him and will accept all His decisions. If something goes wrong in the reports, both mother n son would fight the problem together with Guruji's grace only.
Today morning we took him for blood tests and got the reports by evening.
And Viola! My little boy was tested negative for RA factor, however he has some infection in his blood for which doctor has prescribed medicines. He will be fine soon. But what the doctor feared turned negative......
Such is Guruji s divinity, He takes care of us all. He gives us the strength to face situations. He neutralises the situations so as to we can react positively to them. Everything is done as per His will and we are merely puppets in His divine hands. And most importantly He listens to every silent prayer of our hearts.
Aise Gur ko bal bal jaaiye
Aise Gur Ko bal bal jaaiye
Aap Mukut Mohe Taaray
Aap Mukut Mohe Taaray


Friday, February 26, 2016

Old article

🙏🌹The following article is an old one I read somewhere.
There are various kinds of impurities in the mind due to which the mental patterns fluctuate and the mind will not keep steady.
We doubt Guru Ji presence and faith starts wavering. But always remember that Guru Ji is working things out for u,even wen u don't feel it.
Just have faith n b thankful to him, acknowledge his presence in ur life. Don't forget to praise him for He is bigger than ur worries and ur problems. Pray to him and place ur entire life in his hands.
" Mere Pyare Guru Ji I commit my challenges to u, please show me the way through!" Tell him how much u luv him. Ur journey of faith with Guru Ji requires that u immerse urself in his luv and form a relationship with him. Ask Him to reveal His presence in ur life. Let him transform u into a person u should be, to know him, to let Him work His will into u life.
"Guru Ji, please help me get of fears n give me ur strength." U can boldly face ur difficulties, for he is stronger than all of them. He is the antidote to discouragement and fear. Walk tall and stand up to ur situation. Develop ur faith in Guru Ji.
🌹🌹Faith comes from listening n reading Satsangs.
Chant mantraJaap,
Om Namah Shivay Shiv Ji Sada Sahay
Om Namah Shivay Guru Ji Sada Sahay.
Faith can be strengthened through satsang, prayer, self-purification, and meditation, Open ur heart to the divine light, the source of all knowledge, all light. Regular exercising of faith can bring about growth in spirituality.
Become simple as a child. Pray from the bottom of ur heart. Sit quietly n chant for an hour. Pray about everything; tell Guru Ji ur problems, and don't forget to thank Him for His answers. If u do this, u will experience peace, which is far much more wonderful than the human mind can understand. Listen to Guru Ji's voice in ur heart n surrender to His will. Whatever happens good or bad, accept it cheerfully. U will never grow in ur faith if u consistently disobey His will.
🌹Perfect faith is a by product of obedience. Put urself in a position to see Guru Ji's best for ur life, and ur faith will soar. Faith does not increase by accident. Growth takes time, dedication, n intentionality. Abandon all sorts of unproductive beliefs, superstitions, weaknesses, wrong notions and ideas of impossibilities. Cling fast to faith in divine possibilities. Aspire fervently and constantly to live in the divine. Wen u hear discourses that disturb ur faith, leave the place at once. Do not keep company with such people till u have grown and u r established on the rock of divine luv...

☆ May Guru Ji Bless everyone with ☆☆☆☆☆ Happiness, Goodness,
Wellness & Richness ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
🙏🌹Om Namah Shivay Shiv Ji Sada Sahay
Om Namah Shivay Guru Ji Sada Sahay🙏🌹

Thursday, February 25, 2016





Karmic connections

We all have to understand our karmic connections. If any one enter in your life is not by your choice or wish. She or he have to settle down his or her past account that is why they are in our life they are not our enemy they are our well wisher. If any one comes in your life and harms you or ruin your life. He or she might have past life connection and want to settle down his account in this janam . Our GURU JI blessed us with acumen to realise why things happen. If we feel restless this time may be we get relaxed soon.

Wonderful lines
Souls and Karmic Connections

We have travelled through many lifetimes and lived with many different souls amidst family, friends or those who don't really get along with us.

Some may have even tried to harm us emotionally, physically or spiritually.

All said and done, we all are the same and belong to only one group that is SOULS.

We have all travelled together in different lifetimes and have shared various relationships with each other -
Drivers and
even so-called enemies

Each person is a soul that tries to help the other move forward spiritually and reduce the karmic baggage.

Sometimes the soul that loves us the most, might willingly take birth as an enemy or a tormentor in a lifetime, just to help us work out our karma.

Thus, a person who we think hates us and we in return hate, might be our greatest well-wisher spiritually.

He or she may be responsible for our becoming spiritual or compassionate.

That very person who is creating hell in our lives may bring us closer to spirituality.

In the present lifetime, he/she may be doing so because that could be the only way to teach us a lesson.

Sometimes, a soul is reborn just to comfort us and be there in times of need.

So, who is our friend and who is our enemy?

They all are part of the soul family that wants to help us and wants help in return.

Sometimes an opportunity comes in the form of a disaster.

Sometimes, the only way to grow spiritually and in life is through pain, sorrow and turmoil.

That is when life seems strange.

Hence, never form judgements, abuse or hate and never say nasty things about anyone.
Who knows we may be harming the soul who loves us the most spiritually but we are not able to recognize it as the soul is wearing a different body in this particular lifetime.

Guruji's ABC:
Never abuse anybody, never blame anybody, and never curse anybody.

Always wish the best for anybody coming across you in daily life.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016


! Blessings Always !!
Guru Ji gives his best to those who leave the choice with him..
Be aware of the thoughts u r thinking. Always say yesto the present moment.
Surrender to what is.
Say "yes to life, and see how life suddenly starts working for u rather than against u. Know that all our challenges are the Lessons sent by Guru Ji to learn and grow. We get the people and situations we need to learn what we need to learn to continue growing and reach the next level. And we will continue repeating those types of situations until we learn what we are supposed to learn.
Remember that everything lives in the mind. The words or thoughts u use to describe ur situation literally changes how u feel about it.
This applies to all ur 'problems, Obstacles,
or anything else.
Consider, instead of saying
"I hate my life",
think (Parmatma Hamare Saath hai)...
'I am ready to accept all challenges because I want to grow...........
Be patient some things take time..
Often times we get upset about things that aren't actually taking place;
if u find urself feeling anxious or overwhelmed, chances are u are looking too far into the future and dreaming up new things to fear.
Bring ur thoughts back to the present moment, since that's all that really exists. The cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it.
Know that the present moment is the one and only place where u can use ur power to make any real change. Remember, ur pain is the cracking of the shell that contains ur understanding.. hitting bottom only means u can bounce back higher..
Om Namah Shivay Shiv Ji SadaSahay
Om Namah Shivay Guru Ji Sada Sahay

Sanjeev Kashyap

'Ek Takia Bharosa tere Charna Da' - Only thy Lotus Feet are my refuge, My Lord

I had to quit my well-paid job because of some strange reasons. I knew that since I had good experience by my side, it would not be difficult for me to find another. I kept on applying for jobs - to no avail.

I faced successive failures for four-six months. I lost my confidence and faith in God and faced social humiliation. Frustration and dissatisfaction began creeping up and my bank balance started reducing. I went up to the extent of telling my wife to buy some pesticide and end our lives. I knew it was a bad decision, but I felt I was left with no option.

At this juncture, I received a phone call from my friend. On his advice, I went to Guruji. I saw a saint sitting and talking to the people around Him,shabads were being played, tea and langar were being served. I went to Guruji after langar to seek His blessings and returned home. I did not say anything to Guruji, keeping to my friend's advice that one need not ask Guruji for anything, since He knows all.

I thought that I had gone to Guruji in pain and was returning in pain - without any cure. If I could not express my pain to Him, how will He come to know what I need and if I cannot ask for what I need, then what is the point of going to Him?

My friend insisted that I go again, but I refused and told him: "Guruji cannot do anything because I have not told him my problem. Being an educated and literate man I cannot believe that He is God and knows everything."

The very next day, I got an interview letter for a good position. I called up my friend; he said that this was because of Guruji's blessing. I disagreed, pointing out that I had applied for the job 15 days ago.

The interview went well, and I was waiting for the results. To my surprise, I was rejected. I was shattered. I stopped applying for jobs and two months went by. My situation was desperate, and my friend called me again and this time he commanded me to go to Guruji.

I went to Guruji, knowing that there was no harm in trying it out and knowing that I had nothing to lose. The situation could not become worse.

I was watching the sangat take leave of Guruji. I was praying hard, telling Guruji that only He could help me for I had tried everything and was done with it. Time and again the words of the shabad I had listened to that very evening - Ek takia bharosa tere charna da aur sab bedhainya de diya - would come to my mind.

There were only a dozen people left when Guruji got up and came to me. He said: "Hore wai tun kidan aayan hain (How come you are here)?" I was unnerved to discover how Guruji knew that I denied His existence, but I could not utter a word.

I was just able to mutter a low 'Guruji', when He asked me whom I had come with. I replied - with great difficulty - that I had come with my wife and He called her. I ran outside and called her back in. Guruji asked her name and then uttered His golden words: "Chal, ja tera kalyan kar dita (I have blessed you)."

I could not get up from the floor for the next two-three minutes.

With Guruji's blessings, I started applying for jobs. I found an opening over the internet, applied and the next day I got the call. I went to meet the Vice-President & Managing Director of the company and it seemed as if they were waiting for me.

In 10 minutes, a letter was issued in my name. The same evening I came to Guruji, as I wanted to apologize for my misdeeds. I accepted where I was wrong and most importantly, I really wanted to thank Him.

When it was time to leave Him, I went ahead of the queue. Guruji looked at me and then lent His ear. I told Guruji that I had been jobless for nine months, but with His blessings, I had got a job. Guruji was silent for a moment and then said: "Ja phir, aish kar (Go then, enjoy)."

His words have come true. Not only do I have fun at my job but also all the tasks that are entrusted to me go off perfectly. Everyone is impressed. I am convinced Guruji is doing it. I often tell people that earlier I was alive, only now have I started living.

Sanjeev Kashyap, devotee

🍃🌹Shukrane Guru Ji🌹🍃

Sunday, February 21, 2016


updated Google Drive with more than 1000 Guruji Portraits. Also 205 Bhajans, eBooks, Satsangs, and Shiv Puran.

Guruji Portraits & with Sangat - 1035
Bhajan & Shabads - 205
Satsang - 17
Videos - 15
eBooks - 9

Anybody can listen, read or download.
Download Google Drive on your mobile to access Or open this link on your PC/Laptop.

Gen Deepinder Singh

Jai Guruji
Our family is associated with Guruji since 1997 we used to go to Guruji's Satsang everyday without fail in order to get His Blessings He loves His Sangat like a family. On Holi both of us were away to Mansa Devi shrine & Gurdwara Nada Sahib as it was a Puranmasi Harpreet was at home. Guruji called & he picked up the phone. Guruji said Aneja kithe he Harpreet said Guruji mom & dad have gone to Mandir & Gurdwara. Guruji said ohnu khi ke call kre we came back Harpreet who was a school at that time was so excited & gave us the message. Both of us were excited & surprised also that why Guruji called us. Immediately Aneja uncle called Guruji Guruji said Aneja sagat joria kar. Deepinder Aunty de ghar jia kar. So is our Guruji He wants that Sangat should live like a family. Never worry about Langar & space. Let Guruji take care of it
We have heard so many Satsangs about Langar being multiplied. Since 1998 on every first Saturday of the month Satsang is held at Gen Deepinder Singh's residence at house no 10 in sector 12 A Pancchkula. It is always held in the same simple & old way with Guruji's picture on a chair as it was held in Guruji's Physical Divine Presence
🙏🌹Jai Guruji

Purnima Ali

At times, in my heart the flow of love is so strong

Meeting Guruji has been the most wonderful experience of my life. The divine call came in March 2005, when I was very unwell. I had been in and out of hospitals. My feet were so swollen that I could barely move; my daughters would lift my legs from the bed and put them back. I could not even think of walking, leave alone sitting on the floor.

The very first day when I came to Guruji's - I was taken to Guruji by my 96-year-old aunt and her son and daughter-in-law - I could barely walk and I was breathless, but after I had langar and I went home, I slept soundlessly for the first time in ages. When I came to Guruji, my sugar level was high as were my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I also had problems of the thyroid and kidneys. I also suffered from sleep apnea, that is, lack of oxygen during sleeping. I was without any energy, and my body was so swollen that apart from lying on the bed I could do nothing.

Guruji has pumped life into me, a better quality of life that I could never have imagined. It's like being reborn and finding a new meaning in life. I have not only received physical healing, but I have received mental healing as well.

During my second or third darshan of Guruji, He once made us sit after langar and the flow of His love for the sangat is so strong that you are in total bliss and you forget everything: all your problems just fade away and He makes your life so easy and simple that you feel like living your life and being in His protection forever.

He is my ultimate in every way; He comes first in my life because I cannot and I do not want to see anything beyond Him. The trinity is one and He is the divine power, who has come down to save us. To be able to reach Him is a miracle by itself. We need Him in our lives and the only thing which, we can give Him is our unconditional love and faith. For us to be with Him also proves that in our past lives we were a part of Him and we belong to Him. That is why in this life we are together as well. We should see the sangat as if it is part of one family.

I have been in contact with Guruji only for a short while but I feel and realize that every time I faced death, He has pulled me out of it.

Back in the year 1994, my husband got involved in an extra-marital affair. I felt shattered and cheated upon, yet I thought one day everything would be fine. I also had had a love marriage. In fact, I am a Hindu married to a Muslim and I converted to Islam.

But this year (2006) my husband married his mistress; yet, believe me, I am more at peace with myself. For that peace to come, Guruji intervened and stopped me from self-destruction, for I was in a state of mind where I could have done anything except for committing suicide.

In 1998, I went through a major surgery where the operation was for seven-eight hours. After the surgery, I was sinking and Guruji again saved me.

Recently, around Holi time, my foot got blisters and somehow they turned gangrenous. The wound began smelling foul. When the doctor examined my foot, he said the toe has to be amputated. That day was a Thursday and my day for visiting Guruji is a Friday. Needless to say without His agya, I would not allow the doctor to operate upon me. Guruji said it would be all right; just get a minor incision made. And that is all it took to be cured. Thus, in about a months' time I was fine. And I still have to know of anyone being saved from gangrene.

At times I feel guilty that I have been so careless with myself and have not taken proper care of the body. If I knew that one day I would be in front of my Master, I would have tried to take care of myself and not burden Guruji with my illnesses because He takes all your suffering on Himself. I feel so helpless when He suffers for us. What can we do?

I do not know whether I have surrendered completely to Him or not. Do I doubt Him or do I love Him unconditionally without holding back? I do not know what love is. All I know is that ever since I have met Him, I want to feel His divine presence. What more can I ask for? May the love for Guruji always bloom in our hearts. No matter what happens, I should be able to reach Him. All I pray for is that He please help me build my karma in such a way that I can feel His presence all the time. That's how I want to be with my Master. The more I see Him, the more I feel the thirst and to quench this thirst one life is not enough for me. The soul has an undying hunger and thirst which only my Master can take care of.

I always used to worry about what would happen to my daughters, who are still minors, if something happened to me. Even that has been taken care of. More than me, my daughters feel secure with Guruji, and the love which I and their father were not able to give the girls have received from Guruji and Guruji's sangat. This is bliss to me. What is Moksha I do not know. What I feel is having His divine darshan is moksha by itself.

This is just the beginning of my journey where the path is unknown yet exciting, but the goal is to reach the Divine.

At times Guruji would glance at me and say your Allah could not heal you; what Guru has done no one could have done. During these times, I would just look at Him dumbstruck wanting to utter but unable to even nod my head, not knowing what to say. Today, I feel no one but Allah could have said this. Very very gradually, I have realized that He is the super energy of which we are a part. At different times in different forms He has been descending on this earth to save mankind and free them from suffering. You may call Him Allah, Ram or Guru Nanak. I wish I could reach that state of mind where only He exists and may I be attached to His lotus feet forever.

The love of the Guru should be so strong that nothing comes in between me and my Guru. Like a true devotee I should appreciate whatever He does, because He has given us whatever we require. We are too small to do anything for Him; all we can do is to appreciate and thank Him and keep thanking Him for the rest of the life. May He always forgive us for whatever sins we may commit. We are human and we are bound to make mistakes; so, Guruji, please keep us away from temptation and may our devotion to you keep on increasing till our last breath. After that we will need you even more. We are very fortunate to be in your protection, all of us feel so secure emotionally and so complete that the feeling of unrest is no more.

I am so much at peace with myself. It is like a state of tranquility. At times in my heart, the flow of gratitude is so strong that tears just begin to flow. And it is the most beautiful experience when tears just roll down without any other reason but love. After just two visits to Guruji, my desire to be with Him started growing. I could not hold myself back. My husband would grumble and we would fight and I would be at Guruji's. Every time Guruji would ask me what excuse I had given and I would look puzzled, wondering how He knew. I thought to myself that I might look hassled. But now I realize that He Himself is God Almighty and He knows everything and nothing is hidden from Him. We are puppets on a string and we dance to His tune; we are nothing without Him.

This task of writing on Guruji is not so easy: to be able to capture Guruji's charm in words is very difficult. Even if all the oceans turned into ink and all the land became paper, it would not be possible. I would love to praise my Lord and Master and keep doing this for eternity. May He bless me so that I may go on writing forever and ever. I would run short of words but not of my feelings for Him. I would love to devote all my five senses at His lotus feet and I pray that He accept my offering.

Late Mrs Purnima Ali, devotee

🍃💐🍃Shukrane Guru Ji🍃💐🍃

Saturday, February 20, 2016

real treasure is hidden

With Guruji, the real treasure is hidden

If you could penetrate the worldly facade He presents, if your gaze can see beyond it to Him, then you shall be blessed with an all-encompassing shelter.

For me, this is the focus, when being with Guruji.

At Guruji's abode, there is a wall - made up of your ambitions and desires - that keeps you from getting to the real Him, to achieving His bhakti. With Guruji, your desires and ambition are put into perspective and fulfilled (though you get what is right; not necessarily what you dream of), but it's beyond this facade, the wall, that the true fruits lie unexplored. If you can scale the wall, you get to the real treasure. It's not easy though, He puts you to the test, and will "squeeze you like a lemon and shake you like a tree" [His words].

I have been blessed with tremendous past karma andsanskars (hereditary qualities) that His divine will gave me a chance to come into contact with Him. It's impossible for me to describe Guruji: thoughts overwhelm my mind. If Lord Ganesh could not describe Him, who am I?

We started going to Guruji's place with no expectation, hope, or troubles and it was His magnetic charm that got us back again and again to His doorstep.

Drop your pretensions here

I used to take breakfast for the sewaks in the mandir. Guruji was usually in paath (prayer, extending to include all types of devotional activities) at that time. My parents used to keep the Friday fast. This typically means not eating anything that's sour, not even touching it. It was a Friday, and my mother had strictly instructed me not to consume any such thing.

That day, Guruji was out early, and as I came in, He instructed another devotee, Sudama, to get me a cold drink. I was more than happy to have Guruji's delicious prasad and left contented, thanking my stars for His darshan and the unexpected prasad. But I was scolded at home. I was dejected, but brushed the episode aside.

In the evening, we went to the mandir again. Guruji was in a good mood and sat down for satsang. We were all listening intently. He made a comment about the fast people keep, remarking that such a practice was bogus. As is His wont, He never said anything directly, but the point drove home: "You are at the house of God, do what He tells you and forget the humdrum practices that pretend to reach God in silly ways."

A laddoo the size of two cricket balls

Guruji blesses some people with the Sachkhand Prasad,prasad that He produces by divine will and which is, in common understanding, referred to as a 'miracle'. I have been fortunate enough to experience many such instances: Dollar notes wrapped in gold earrings, hot halwa, misri-casedburfi, chocolate and vanilla burfi, motichur and besan laddos,Himanchali hat - the list of these items is endless.

One day in Jalandhar, Guruji had gone to a devotee's house for dinner. Langar was served and, as usual, the sangat ate before Guruji. Seeking for an extra second of His divine presence, I finished off early and sat next to Him while the others were still eating. He was sitting straight, with His wrist resting on His knee and His fist closed. Somehow I had an intuition that Guruji would give prasad to someone (nothing happens without divine will: that's probably what He wanted me to see and remember) so I was concentrating on Guruji.

As the sangat gathered around after langar, conversation started. I was looking at Guruji's fist. Just as He opened it, aladoo as large as two cricket balls appeared in His hand - as if you had held a piece of sponge which enlarged as you opened your fist. At first, nothing seemed extraordinary and then it sank in - a ladoo had not just been produced out of thin air, it had grown in size as Guruji's fist opened up!

Past ... present ...future

My father, a fauji (army man), had been posted out of Jalandhar, so 'Operation Packing' was going on at home. There were wooden boxes, trunks, gunny bags - all of which had to be numbered - lying around the house. Everything was a mess. In the evening, Guruji visited our house. As soon as He entered, the lights went out and He immediately said: "Emergency light packed in Box No. 13."

Guruji's mannerisms and speech are such that they make us believe that He is just like us (they are a part of the fa�ade) until the gravity of what He says sinks in. Often it takes a while for that understanding to develop. So, no one heeded His comment.

The boxes weren't even numbered. A week or so later when packing was complete and our helper was numbering the boxes with paint, it struck me. I looked at the freshly painted Box No. 13 and lo...the emergency light was staring at me. I had completely forgotten what Guruji had said until that very moment.

Guruji knows your past, present and future. Don't pretend; don't hide.

God Almighty Himself

My mother was down with fever. I and my father had put ice-packs on her all day, but to no avail. Medicines did not work either, and her fever was not coming down. Suddenly, we received a call from Guruji that He would be arriving at home with the sangat. He came in only with a couple of people, went into the room where my mother was lying down and said: "Chal, aunty, kuch nahi hoya (Come, nothing's happened)". He fondly refers to all women as aunty. He grabbed her hand and led her to the drawing room. I was at His lotus feet, pressing them. Five minutes later, Ma's temperature was normal. But, His temperature had risen.

He takes our illnesses on Himself. Can anyone from this world do it? Our karma decides our suffering and well-being, and someone who can take my suffering can only be God Almighty Himself.

Nitin Joshi, software professional, son of Col (retd.) S K Joshi

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

September 2015

Sangat ji aaj main apna ek satsang share kar raha hun aap sab se..
Yeh baat hai September 2015 ki..meri mother ek cosmetic surgery ke liye AIIMS hospital mein admit thi..
Thik unke saamne wale bed par ek ladki thi jisse ki ek bahut hi rare decease thi..uske haath aur pair ke fingers dry ho kar dead ho rahi thi aur black ho rahi thi..aur failti ja rahi thi..
Doctors ko uski surgery karke uske haath aur pair ki fingers ko kaatna tha..taaki wo aur jayeda na bade..
Surgery ke din usse doctors OT le gaye..wahan ja kar doctors ne usse bataya ki wo unki haath aur pair ki fingers ko kaatne wale hai..
Us ladki ne bola ki usse sirf yeh pata tha ki uske sirf haath ki fingers ko kaatna usne surgery karwane se mana kar diya yeh keh kar ki wo pehle apne husband se discuss karegi baad mein batayegi..
Usse OT se bahar bhej diya doctors ne..
Bahar aa kar usne apni family ka mana kar diya ki wo aise hi reh legi par yeh surgery nahi karwaegi..
Sabhi ne usko bahut samjhaya par wo nahi maani..
Sabhi family ke members bahut pareshaan the aur ro rahe the..
Yeh sab main aur meri aunty baithe dekh rahe the..tabhi main achanak uth kar us ladki ki mother in law ke paas jata hun..unhe apne mobile mein guru ji ka swaroop dikha kar kehta hun ki aunty yeh hamare guru ji hai. .chattarpur mein inka mandir hai. .aap yahan jao..aur wahan par sewa daar se milo..aur unko apni problem bataao..wo aapko Guru ji ki blessings ke liye zarur kuch na kuch denge..aur kaha ki wahan se jal parshaad bhi le aao..aur jo kuch bhi apni bahu ko khane peene ko dete ho usme do char boond jal parshaad ki daal do...
Aur kaha ki Guru ji ke yahan par to last stage ke cancer bhi thik ho jate hai to yeh bimaari to kuch bhi nahi hai..bas vishwaas rakh kar jao...
wo aunty meri baat se convince ho gayi aur kaha ki wo Monday ko din mein hi jayengi..
Monday ki sham 7 baje unka phone aata hai meri aunty ko..wo bahut thanks bolti hai..
Meri aunty ne jab pucha to unhone bataya ki wo aaj subah bade mandir gayi thi aur wahan se jal parshaad le kar aayi thi aur thoda thoda apni bahu ko pilati din unki bahu ki biopsy report aani jo doctors subah tak yeh keh rahe the ki unki bahu ko 100% cancer hi nikelega..prepare ho jao...
Wohi doctors sham ko aa kar kehte hai ki unki bahu ko cancer detect nahi hua..Doctors khud hairaan the ki yeh sab kaise ho gaya..
Jab yeh baat us aunty ne meri aunty ko batayi to mujhe bahut khushi hui maine un se jal parshaad dete rehne ke liya kaha...
Ab guru ji ki kripa aage batata hun..
Meri mother discharge ho gayi hospital se aur us ladki ko bhi discharge kar diya Kyunki usne surgery karwane se mana kar diya tha. .
Uske next week main apni mother ko routine checkup ke liye AIIMS le kar gaya to wahan us ladki ki saari family mere paas aa gayi aur mujhe Thanks bolne lagi..
Mere puchne par unhone bataya ki doctors ne unki bahu ka check up kiya hai aur wo hairaan hai ki jo portion figures ke dead ho chuke the aur un portions ko wo lag kaatne wale the..un portions mein achanak paani aana shuru ho gaya hai...aur doctors ne yeh bhi kaha ki ho sakta hai ab isse kisi bhi surgery ki zarurat na pade..
Yeh baat sun kar maine shukrana kiya guru ji ka ki unhone mere vishwaas ki laaj rakh li..
Maine un sabhi se kaha ki aaj Thursday hai bade mandir jaao aur Guruji ka shukrana karo aur langar parshaad kha kar aao..
Uske baad meri unse koi baat nahi hui...
Sangat ji mid of January mein us aunty ka phone aata hai aur wo batati hai ki wo regularly Guru ji ke bade mandir jaati hai apni bahu ke saath..aur jo fingers ka portion 2 inch tak dead ho gaya tha unki bahu ka..ab sirf ek daal de daane jitna reh gaya hai...wo koi bhi allopathic medicine nahi kar rahe sirf kuch homeopathic medicines de rahe hai. .aur guru ji yahan regular langer parshaad aur jal parshaad le rahe hai...
Sangat ji dil khush ho gaya yeh baat sun kar...muh se Jai Guru ji. .Jai Guruji nikalta hi raha...
Un aunty se bola maine ki Thanks nahi bolo...bas Jai Guru ji bolo...aur agar unhe bhi koi mushkil ghadi mein Dikhe to usko Guru ji ka ghar dikha dena...
Kyunki ek yahi wo ghar hai dunia mein jahan sabki bigadi takdeer banti hai...
Kisi ki aaj banti kisi ki kal banti hai...
Sangat ji vishwaas rakho Apne guruji par aur surrender kar do khud ko unhe...
Phir dekho wo kaise aapki zindagi khushiyo se bhar denge..
Mohit Gogna

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hernia patient

A patient of hernia once came to Guruji in severe pain. "Guruji please bless me, I don't want to undergo an operation."
He begged.

Guruji looked at him and said, "Ok, if you don't want to undergo an operation then do one thing for me while I'm out."

I'll do anything Guruji, please help me." He went on.

"Carry all my flower pots that you see here to the terrace, and bring all the ones on the terrace down. Remember you mustn't take anyone's help."

Having said this Guruji went out of the temple.

In Guruji absence, he very sincerely did as he was told.

Inspite of having pain he had so much of faith in his Guru that he was willing to die trying.

He soon realized that the more pots he carried, lesser was his pain.

When the last pot was left to bring down, Guruji came back to the temple and called for him.
"So, how many pots are left?"

"Guruji just one more to go." He replied.

"Bring the last one down as well or else the operation I have performed on you will be incomplete." Guruji jokingly said.

He brought down the last pot and that was the end of his pain. He never had the problem of hernia again.

Jai Guru Ji 🙏

Shukrane Guru ji🌹🙏

Guruji’s Kalyan Mudra-

Guruji's Kalyan Mudra-

When Guruji was in His physical form, as one sits at a distance, cannot help but observe him as He sat on his aasan amongst the sangat. He hardly spoke but his eyes scanned each and everyone. His look was piercing and so powerful that it seemed to be reaching one's soul. This look of no more than a mere second took half of the devotees problems.

At times when we did the pray for something and did pranam, He would not even look at us. We used to feel ignored and hurt. However in couple of days we used to get what we were praying for. The next time when we go to him, he may say something and look at us intently and give us that mischievous smile, as if saying "Happy!!" without even uttering a word.

His action with his hands –rubbing them together, pressing the fingers with his thumbs, pressing the inside and outside of His fingers, touching various parts of his face have been witnessed by all sangat members. And it is much later one realizes the import of these seemingly inconspicuous actions. As He sits there amongst the sangat, He is going through their "FILES" – as He would call them and see what was going on with all those present in the sangat and even those who were not present there. He decides what has to be done in each and every case. He simply sits there, looks at people and takes away insurmountable problems and blesses his sangat in best way he sees fit. (See the picture attached)

There have been times when suddenly He seems to go into a deep trance in the middle of the conversation. It lasts a few seconds and then He is back. Many sangat members have wondered about that but no one ever gathered courage to ask Him.

Perhaps, sensing that once, when He had returned from a few seconds of trance, He explained that He had gone to cure a devotee thousands of kilometers away. Thus to the uninitiated, He is a Guru who may seem to ignore his devotee's desire of talking to him but will always bless them with just mere a look. He can even cross seven seas to save a devotees life and come back all in a few seconds!!

The bigger your faith, the bigger his game (kirpa).

Dhan Guruji

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Guruji's Birthday celebration

More Satsangs

Lives heal with Guruji's magic

Lives heal with Guruji's magic

May Guruji and I never part. Guruji is God in human form. And I needed both God and magic.

"Yahan jaadu ho sakta hai (magic can happen here)." These were Mr. Raghu Rai's words to me when he brought me to Guruji for the first time in September 2006.

Indeed my family needed magic to overcome the horrible reality staring us in the face. Doctors had given my brother a maximum of two to three months to live since he had had a cancer relapse. The first time he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma he was treated in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, in 2003. An year later he had a relapse and had to go to London for a stem-cell transplant. And now again the cancer had resurfaced in September of 2006. There was no line of treatment left. There was nothing the doctors could do.

I was distraught for my brother as well as for my parents. I knew my parents would not be able to survive this trauma. My father was in his eighties, and my mother was bedridden and paralyzed since suffering a cerebral stroke in 2005.

I went berserk and tried whichever remedy was suggested-Reiki, Buddhist healing, chanting, all kinds of prayers, worshipping at mandirs etcetera. And now I was at Guruji's durbar.

I feel that he blessed me the very first time I did pranam at His lotus feet. I had an extraordinarily beautiful yet physical sensation, a blissful, floating kind of feeling.... I felt like staying there with my forehead at His lotus feet forever!

My brother, being an atheist, would not have consented to the copper-tumbler blessings. (He is based in KolKata and had not seen Guruji or the Mandir). So Shri Rai advised me to continue coming every week to Guruji and strive to make a 'connection' with Guruji. I did so faithfully. I was drawn like a magnet to Guruji, as my distraught mind somehow found peace and hope at His lotus feet. And many a time Guruji blessed me with His rose fragrance, as if to reassure me that He was taking care.

In the meanwhile, the satsangs of Shri Rai and Col. (retd.) Chatterjee, which showed that Guruji could cure such impossible cases, gave me hope and strength.

I gradually began to feel that I was at an incredibly special place, a place like no other in the whole world.

And as I write this today, my brother is hale and hearty-for more than three and a half years now, instead of the doctor's three-month prediction! And I know that nothing can touch him now, as he is protected by God, that is, Guruji Himself.

Guruji's blessings healed my mother, too. She began walking after two and a half years in bed and could even handle the staircase with a little help.

In March 2010, Guruji ensured that I was at a satsang while my mother was being admitted to an ICU with another cerebral thrombosis. (Note that while I was making arrangements to go to Guruji's satsang, I had no idea about my mother being ill in Kolkata.) She is safely back at home now, and I firmly believe she will walk again. Guruji had called me to His side, as He was shielding us all from the peril my mother would have faced. Doctors too admit that things could have gone horribly wrong and she was saved in the nick of time.

I cannot begin to enumerate His countless blessings and the protection He has showered on me and my loved ones. My heart-felt pranam at His Lotus feet! May I and my loved ones be allowed to remain at His charan sharan in this life and all other lives to come, and may we never be parted till the end of time.

Sudakhina Datta, a devotee
🙏🌹fwd msg.
Our Guruji is truly an amazing alchemist who transforms His devotees from within. It is only by the bestowal of His causeless redeeming grace that the veil of Maya is lifted and the darkness, Is dispelled. The fully surrendered consciousness of His chosen true devotees, becomes entirely illuminated, elevated and purified by His grace, while their ego is completely dissolved.. liberates one from the bondage of material existence and terminates the miserable unremitting cycle of endless births and deaths.
It is by Guruji's grace alone, that one develops pure awareness of the true purpose of human existence and forms an abiding commitment to unreservedly follow the path of spiritual advancement with firm determination, resulting in profound transformation and phenomenal spiritual growth in a relatively short span of time.

There were a few key things that He used to mention very regularly .
He consistently stated to His sangat that "Saare duniyabi cheezan mangan aande hai...asli cheez koi nahi mangda. Asli cheez koi nahi lena chahanda. Logaan nu mahapurushaan di value da hi nahi pata. Asli cheez ki hai mangan wali kuch nahi pata. Jad mein chala jawaanga pher value pata chalegi. Hor kise ne nahi puchhana. Halle te rab saste che miliya hoya hai jo khattna hai khatt lo. Je asli cheez leni hai te le lo. Pher enni aasani naal kuch nahi milna."
This was the true message that got lost somewhere somehow. Only the part about mango mat maano was emphasised upon but not the whole message .Guruji the emphasized on the part about only being a seeker of the asli cheez and never asking for duniyabi cheezan or material things. Guruji always wanted to see His sangat aspiring for the asli cheez which is Bhakti, Simran, Vivek, Vairagya, Kalyan, Moksh and above all His eternal association both in the here and the hereafter. Only those who are aspirants of the asli cheez, achieve the highest perfection and become qualified to transcend the temporal plane. They ascend to His supreme abode in the eternal spiritual realms attaining the ultimate refuge of liberated beings. They gain His eternal association most assuredly and are never subjected to rebirth, death, dissolution ever again. They attain the absolute cessation of suffering and sorrow and abide eternally in perfect peace and absolute bliss.

The asli cheez is eternal, infinite and everlasting unlike material accomplishments which are limited, temporary and finite in nature. They who unconditionally surrender to Guruji with pure motives and loving devotion in their hearts, free from desires or expectations .They are endowed with the ultimate reward...the supreme spiritual treasure of the asli cheez. The asli cheez is the 'asli kamai' which we are meant to earn during our human existence. That is what human birth is really meant for. How tragic it would be if we were to waste this precious human birth even after coming into Guruji's sharan and that is exactly what we would be doing if we were to still keep seeking duniyabi cheezan or material things as opposed to seeking the asli cheez. Hence the most important message of Guruji is to seek the asli cheez. 'Maango mat' is meant in the context of duniyabi cheezan or material rewards, material prosperity, objects of sense-gratification and ego-based worldly pursuits. 'Mano' means to unquestioningly obey His divine injunctions and spiritual directives by practising His teachings whole-heartedly, following the principles of eternal righteousness without deviation and pursuing the path of spirituality , by becoming a pure devotee and true aspirant of the asli cheez. This is the true meaning of Maango mat mano !
🙏🌹🍃🎈Jai GuruJi