Monday, May 2, 2016

Meera Jauhar

Guruji protects His bhagats
Guruji has been driving our lives smoothly. We all feel that nothing can hurt us. On 8th September, 2008 I had planned to go to the Greater Kailash market. Staying in Gurgaon means that very few trips are possible to Delhi and thus I was extremely excited about the shopping trip. But on the 8th morning, I woke up with unbearable pain due to spondylitis. Going to G.K. was out of the question; instead I landed in Artemis hospital for therapy. I asked Guruji if I had done something wrong for which I was facing this problem (although Guruji had cured me). All day long I was in tears and was talking to Guruji in my mind, but did not get any answer.

Late evening, we saw the news that there were bomb blasts in the G.K. market. As I was in deep pain, I could not correlate anything. The whole week passed by. I kept going to the hospital, but the relief was negligible. A weekend later, when we were returning from the temple, instead of a CD of Guruji's we switched on the radio in the car. The song playing was of Kailash Kher's and its lines went: "Allah ke bande has de, dard bhi tere kaam ayega" (from the song, Toota, toota ek parinda aisa toota). My husband and I wondered whether we were now getting a message: that the deep pain was for my well being, because if I had no pain I would have definitely gone to the blast site and that really would have been a disaster. Later, I learnt that Guruji had also diverted some other devotees in different ways and stopped them from going to G.K. As far as my spondylitis is concerned, I was soon completely relieved of it. Now I know that dard aur dawa dono hi Guruji ki dein hai (both the pain and its remedy are Guruji's blessings).

There have been countless experiences with Guruji and many times we have not come to know how Guruji has been shielding us. It's a journey we all are going through. We receive a miraculous and unbelievable string of blessings from Guruji, once we surrender to Him and unconditionally love Him. His blessings are unlimited. However, He always insisted upon not asking Him for anything, as He, the almighty God, knows what we need at a particular time.

His lotus feet are heaven. God physically came to earth for us and is still living amongst us. Guruji is GOD: G for Giver; O for Omnipresent; and D for Divine.

Close your eyes and I assure you that you can talk to Him. He is within all His bhagats. He just filters out all our bad karmas and dilutes them. Consequently, he transforms all negativity to positivity and thus uplifts us mentally, physically and spiritually. His divine intervention not only changes your life but also the lives of those whom you love and your near and dear ones. I respectfully bow to Guruji and request Him to keep me and my family under His sharan forever.
Meera Jauhar, a devotee
June 2010

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