Sunday, April 10, 2016


Sangat ji Jai Guruji ,Abhi recently ek eisa Guruji ki leela hui ki I was surprised n goose bumps aane lage.My father-in-law's house had two tough tenants, & house now is in name of my husband after death of his… More father in January. those tenants were staying since 7/10 yrs, & were not ready to vacate the floors.We were in great trouble & we called Guruji in that house & had a satsang there on 13 Feb 2016, after satsang situation was better n tenants demanded money & we were ready to pay.Then on 12 march at 1.00 pm I recd a very big audio file of 2 hrs shabad / satsang on my watsap group uploaded by Kamlesh aunty, I was surprised how a large file can come on watsap, but I did not notice the Blessings in that So on 12 March same timings one tenant fixed another house to shift , we were not sure v just waited for final vacation , n believe sangat ji on 13 march she handed over floor to us exactly within one month of Satsang. Shukrana n then next hurdle 2nd party , they were more stubborn n v were in stress but had faith in Guruji, somehow I lost 2hrs Shabad audio from my phone, I begged again on watsap group for same file but every effort was failed, days passed n I was sad due to lost shabads which was in mandir format, Sangat ji believe it I received same file on 1 april 7.30 pm, i saw it next morning on 2 April I jumped in happyness , it was a hint from Guruji for the +ve action then next tenants left on 2 April night. So Guru Ji sent his Blessings through watsap audio , n we are Blessed to Have such Guruji. Love you Guruji n sangat Ji, Jai Guru Ji, shukrana🙏🙏

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