Monday, April 11, 2016

Love Guruji

Jai Guru ji

As Indians or as Hindus by religion. We are accustomed to many rituals, superstitions, belief systems that run through generations. Even if we feel it from the heart or not we continue doing it. In a fear that if I don't pray to God on Monday shiv ji will feel bad or we should avoid non veg on Tuesday , Thurs and Saturday etc etc. And many more. The list goes on.

We are more God fearing than God loving. We grow older by believing that God punishes and to make him happy we get into a business deal with him. Like God ( which ever God you pray to) if you pass me in my exams I will come to temple everyday. Or if I get a promotion. I will donate 1000/- rs. Which half the time we forget as we have got our wishes granted. So we think that God is happy if we offer him things. And he will fulfill our wishes.

We forget that we cannot offer anything to God. As God owns everything. Even the breaths we take. God doesn't want money, flowers, drama or anything. All he wants your devotion and love. And by praying we don't do any favour on God. In fact we do a great favour on our selves.

Guru ji had come only to help us to get rid of all the superstitions, rituals that we followed just because we were taught to do so. He wanted his Sangat to simply pray to one God with all their heart n soul. He was never interested in how you looked, how much money you have. All he wanted us to be good human beings. Who encourage others and spread love.

Love Guru ji. Don't get into anything that u don't feel it from your heart. If you feel it with your heart may it be a prayer, a song or anything and you dedicate it to Guru ji. Trust me that is the biggest meditation and prayer and is always whole heartedly accepted by our Guru ji.

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