Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Painter uncle

JAI GURU JI🙏🙏🙏🙏wanted to share a few satsangs that i heard from Guru ji,spainter uncle...he said..
While d construction of bade mandir was going on one day a huge stoneof black granite wd being laid on d that moment Guru ji ws in his room .....suddenly something went wrong wid d ropes n that heavy stone weighing about 200 to 250 kg started falling down ...breaking all d ropes on d way....suddenly Guru ji came literally flying out of d room n to everyones surprise that stone rested on a sariya ....Guru ji shouted to all d 15 -20 labourers standing underneath..
,.O KAMLYON HATTO JALDI..n all of them ran away..n after that d stone fell down wid a loud bang wid its one corner penetrating 2 ft deep into d ground about due to d weight....thats how they all witnessed that a big accident got averted wid Guruji,s blessings. 🙏🙏🙏🙏Jai Jai Guru ji

In another incident painter uncle narrated how once when preparations wr on for Guru ji ,s birthday...that day it was raining heavily...n d expert who had been called to fix d flag on to of d shivling calledup n epressed his inability to re ach bade mandir due to heavy when this problem was mentioned to Guru ji,he immediately said KOI NA E KAM TE SADA PAINTER UNCLE KR DEGA.

Now painter uncle found it very difficult bcoz it wsnt his expertise..n morecver it ws raining..he expressed his doubt in front of Guru ji...n he said ACHCHA BAARISH DI PROBLEM HAI TE ADHE GHANTE BAAD BAARISH BAND KARAA DANGA TAD CHADH JAAYEE..n exactly after half an hour d rain actually stopped..
Now when he tied ropes etc on his waist n tried to climb he still found it very difficult since d wet granite was very slippery ..his two. Chances to cimb went in vain ...n then Guru ji came out n said HUN FER CHADHAN DI KOSHISH KAR...n this to his utter surprise he felt as if someone supported wid his handsunder uncles that he cud easily climb n fix d flag...Jai Jai Guru Ji🙏🙏🙏🙏sorry Guru ji if i did any mistake

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