Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Connect and seek

Satsang from RAGHURAI book

ALL through guruji gave us only two core messages make a connect and seek
the blessings of the supreme power.This twin messages encapsulated his
wisdom and concern for our spiritual as well as physical well being .
Let us walk the path together that shall take us into light . you can do it
very simply.just submit to the supreme power with all sincerity.Then the
journey on this path will take care of our mundane problem and spiritual
well being . you need to first make a connect.
If you have accepted me as your guru you don"t ask for anything .But get
connected with me . Once you have made that connected with me then we have a
complete one to one bond .All that is yours is with me and then you don"t
have to keep always petitioning me for anything like help me ,save my job ,
help me get rid of pain, or please rescue me from this mess or give a son.
This is one bond is like complete data transfer between two interlinked
systems.each is in sync with the other .you need this rhythm and
synchronicity and guru shall take care of the rest . You are here in your
You are here with your mind , body and soul , your pains, your pleasure,your
minuses and pluses. when you and me complete one to one correspondence.
Your spiritual elevation and liberation from the mundane concerns is my main
mission to connect you with the supreme power and seek the ultimate self
realization . All of you seek this and that from me ,why you don:t ask for
the ultimate gift .seek and shall get the blessings of this supreme
presence...... JAI GURUJI

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