Sunday, April 3, 2016



These few days with Guruji were like heaven. He had embraced all of us and taken us under his wing. He was what my mother was searching for all these years. His love was what I was looking for all my life. "You all have been given admission." Said Guruji. "What does that mean?" I asked foolishly. Guruji replied "I have accepted you all as my disciples." I was obviously very happy to hear this but I had to ask him another foolish question.

"Guruji doesn't everyone become your disciple once they come to you?" "No." He said "Nai, har koi mera chela nai ban sakda. Hale ta kai loga nu admission form hi nai mile." – "Thanu sareyan nu admission ta mil gayi par tusi saare different classes wich ho. Kaun kis class wich hai oh mahapurush da secret hunda hai. Asi nai bata sakde." - Not everybody who comes to me can become my disciple.

Some people haven't yet been given admission forms. He continued "Even though you have got admission, you are all in different classes, and that is a secret that saints don't reveal." "Although I treat everyone equally but my blessings are according to your individual levels."Guruji was soft and kind yet at times no one could be as stern as him. Ego was something he never tolerated and often told people to leave theirs behind before coming to him. All he ever wanted from his disciple was unconditional love and surrender; and whoever gave him these, their every little need and desires were looked after.This is where my journey with my guru started, or should I say this was the point in time from where I resumed my journey with my Guru, in this lifetime....


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