Sunday, April 10, 2016



I want to share a satsang of my boss.. Who has started visiting nare mandir 2 months ago.. He is a bengali & doest have faith in anyone other than kali maa..
But since he has started going at bare mandir he says I am heartly touched..
Today he called me and was literally crying as Guru Ji gave darshan to him in dream when he had a nap at 5 in the evening.
He is suffering from acute diabetes & had an open heart surgery 10 yrs ago...

He saw in dream Guru ji is standing in our office and as he enters in the office full office gets lighten up with high white light every where.. Mr. Chatterjee bow down to Guru ji's feet and start crying Guru Ji says uth ja hun qun ronda hai.. Tainu kisi ne 6 yr pehla kuch dita si.. Tu kha liya si.. Hun sab thik ho jana hai.. And then he suddenly disappears.. His wife expalined me his dream as he was not able to talk.. He is so thrilled.. She said at 62 yrs of age I can see glow of a 5 yr old child on my husband's face right now.. She was feeling so blessed...
Jai Guru Ji 🙏🏻🙏🏻
He is suffering from soraisis a skin disease as well & since when he has started visiting bare mandir & applying jal parshad at all over is skin disease it is getting cured day by day...

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