Sunday, April 10, 2016


Jai guruji!! Today i want to share a satsang with my guru parivaar🙏. Yesterday was the most blissful afternoon for me and my family as guruji made me realise that he is there with me in every single step I take in my life. He has bestowed my whole family with his choicest blessings. Few days back me and my mother were sitting together, suddenly my mother sneezed and blood started coming out of her nose. The situation became so out of control that as we covered the nose with a view that the blood would stop, but unfortunately the blood started coming out of her mouth as well. We all got scared as we were not able to place the problem. We immediately called the doctor. With guruji's grace the doctor reached on time and gave her treatment. But it was just a stop gap arrangement. After 12 hours i.e 6.30 of the next morning the problem started again and the blood started coming again from her nose and mouth .Then we consulted some other doctor and he advised us to bring her to hospital as she was a high blood pressure patient and her blood pressure got shoot up. He said that he had to do some medical test . As soon as the reports came the doctor told us that my mother is anaemic and her haemoglobin level was just 4.5 which was supposed to be atleast 12. The doctor advised us to provide her with atleast 6 units of blood to make the situation stable which my mother refused as she had come across few cases in which this procedure was not successfull. We asked the doctor that we will give her beetroot juice and weed grass but the doctor said that at this process is not useful. I was very confused what to do next. So i left the situation in guruji's hands. After 10-15 mins I read a satsang in which a patient started recovering within 3 days after having guruji's jalprashad. I didn't give a second to decide as it was guruji who gave me the solution for my mother's recovery. I started giving my mother guruji's jalprashad everyday as I had a believe that guruji will make my mother healthy. And with guruji's grace and his unfathomable blessings yesterday I got my mother's reports and her haemoglobin level went up to 9.5 within 20 days . My guruji is the best and he will always shower his choicest blessings on each and every one of you. Thankyou guruji🙏
Lakh khushiyaan path shaiyaan jithe mera satguru nadar kare🙏
Jai jai guruji, 🙏
Wah wah guruji🙏
Dhan dhan guruji🙏. Forwarded satsang👆🙏

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