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Nikki Malhotra

JAI GURUJI KI=======Guruji gets my life back on road

Nikki Malhotra, July 2007
THE WORLD had come crashing down for me. Everything was a blur. Life seemed bleak and unsteady. I didn't know where it would take me from here. I had lost my confidence, my interest in and zest for life, and forgotten what it would be to start off again on the same note, with the same fervor. Precious years of my life were just sinking away.

The story of my life is what I will unfold. I would like to break it into its many phases and many miracles.
Finding Him on my lonely road
I went through a terrible ordeal. A car accident of the severest kind left me on a lonesome road. Being in a coma for two months, surviving on a heavy dose of steroids, heaps of medications, endless tests, innumerable incisions, glucose drips, and long physiotherapy visits: that was life in a nutshell.

I was a victim of ruptured carotid arteries, blood loss, weakness and paralysis. Getting the right treatment 14 years ago for such a case was a task in itself.

I did not see the face of my school for a year. My friends broke down and cried in front of me, and I did not see a mirror lest I be shocked.

While I was going through this episode in my life, the entry of the Almighty in the form of my Guruji turned the chapter the other way round. I now entered a world of bliss and happiness. I was showered with love and warmth from God Himself. He was standing in front of me and His hands were stretched out in front of me, engulfing me in His protective fold, sheltering me from the world.

Guruji has ever since held my hand and taken me higher and higher. Guruji opened my eyes to the world, bounced me back on my feet within no time.

My mom and I were the first ones to meet Guruji in our family. That one visit changed our life. The first step into Guruji's ashram in Jalandhar was as if we were stepping into heaven. Our first darshan of Guruji told us that we had met God.

Guruji just put the whole story of our life in front of us: the past, the present, the minutest of details that could be known but only by the person concerned himself. He made us realize that He is the one who has come to earth to bless us all. He put the entire file of our life in front of us the very first day. We were only too dazed with the Almighty's presence in front of us.

Day after day Guruji just kept blessing us. As Guruji directed, I buried the basket of medicines, never visited the doctors again, and never went through the operations I had to undergo. I surrendered to Guruji.

And YES! I did return back to normal health and sailed out of the mental agony I was in. The doctors had pronounced a four-to five-year span for the recovery. With my Guruji, it was just a question of about two months.

So two months after meeting Guruji my recovery signalled itself: From being completely bald I began getting normal hair; my paralysis and weakness disappeared; my hearing returned to normal; the double vision vision went away; my haemoglobin climbed to 12 from a low of 6; I began playing sports much against what doctors had in mind; excelled in my academic curriculum; and began doing well in my boards.

What do you think this can be termed as? Complete divine intervention after I completely surrendered to Him, my Guruji.
The Master Plan for me
I moved out of this phase and entered the next phase of my life. Guruji had my career and education in mind.

After dealing with the pain and horror of my accident, after making countless trips to numerous hospitals, I too wanted to make a difference to the world in my own way. I wanted to select a career which would give me an opportunity to lessen people's sufferings and show empathy. Guruji, however, had already chalked out my future years well in advance.... as He does for everyone.

With Guruji's blessings and direction, I got a seat in a physiotherapy course in Bangalore without any formal preparation. I completed my course with ease and managed to get a seat in the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi for my internship, too. I worked with the best orthopaedician in India, the former director of AIIMS.

With such a neat career in front of me, clearly Guruji had me close to Him all the way through. Before I could think more or plan out more for myself, Guruji again gave me the green signal for pursuing my masters in physiotherapy. So here I am, doing my masters in physiotherapy in sports and orthopaedics.

I was sent for my Masters with Guruji giving me the aadesh (command) to do so with only three days left for me to react. I followed His direction and found that I was going absolutely in the right way.

There was a time when my parents weren't there with me and I was staying alone at home. I developed a boil on my hip, which aggravated to the extent that it crippled me and I found myself completely on the bed. Alone with exacerbating pain there was not a thing I could do. "Guruji is always there with me" is all that I said. Guruji's sangat - our closest family - started visiting me regularly. I would do Guruji's satsang with them and the wound would keep healing with the infiltrates getting removed slowly and steadily. The doctors, who had suggested an incision, were stunned since the healing was happening in some miraculous way not known to them.
Finding a soulmate
This was a topic that I would never go near and it never ever crossed my mind too. I had so much to do, so much to achieve.

But Guruji, my God, had my life all chalked out for my good without me knowing about it. So at the tender age of 23 (according to the standards nowadays), Guruji gave me only a month's notice to get married. That deadline was stunning. From a point where I was not even thinking about such a major decision to actually getting married in just 30 days looked like a mountainous task.

However, in most amazing and astonishing manner, all the things started falling in place, guided by Guruji's blessings. My family approved the boy, who happened to be known to me and was in many ways sent by Guruji to my world merely 20 days before we got married. Within this short time-span, all the preparations for the wedding, which normally would require some two-three months, were completed with ease. With Guruji's kripa, the wedding was a grand affair and every bit of it carried a distinct flavor of Guruji's blessings. Everyone who attended it, was left admiring the ambience, food and every other aspect of the complete setup. As we got married, Guruji sent me a message through a sangat member that we were meant to be together for life. What bigger gift can you get in life than this. When Guruji has blessed the biggest decision of your life, there is no worry.

The wedding venue deserves a special mention as well. In Delhi, it is advisable to decide on and book a venue at least a month, as availability is always a problem. In my case, the notice was short, but it never became an obstacle. The venue that was finalised, Ashoka Hotel (one of the top Hotels in Delhi), was exactly the one which Guruji had told me about 12 years ago! At that age of 11 years, I had paid no attention to it. But those words, put forward in a casual conversation, just show Guruji's omniscience and His immaculate planning for His devotees. Further, I learnt that even His apparently casual words also carry an unfailing impact and thus are not to be taken lightly.

My life is Guruji and will always be Guruji. I needed someone who would understand this always and be with me in this. I wanted a family who would be with me in this. Guruji made it possible. My sister-in-law, mother-in-law, my husband all believe in Guruji. This has made things simpler for me thanks to Guruji.

Guruji is constantly showering His blessings on my family. Be it my husband and his profession or be it the peace in a family, be it my sister-in-law's life or my in-laws. He knows all and is constantly there with them.

Getting our visas without going to the embassy, directing us on our property dealings, paving the way for my husband's profession: Guruji has never left our side and He never will.
Taking care of my family

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