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Amit Uncle

Guru Ji's Blessings: Adoption of Vegetarian Lifestyle and Elimination of Alcohol Consumption

Shared on 22nd April 2016

Guru Ji ko Pranam. Guru Ji ki Pyari Sangat ko Pranam. Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay, Om Namah Shivay Guru Ji Sada Sahay.

I am Amit uncle, Dubai Sangat, and got personally connected with Guru Ji on 6th March 2015, the day we had Satsang at our place. This was the day of Holi. However, I have been attending Satsangs in Dubai with my aunty (Anjali) since November 2014.

As a family, we have been continuously blessed by Guru Ji. Though we have shared our Satsangs on many occasions, yet we never documented them for larger audience (Sangat family). This is the first attempt made to document our personal experience, I am sure others will follow in due course. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…

This Satsang pertains to how I personally adopted the vegetarian lifestyle and eliminated alcohol consumption. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…

A few months back my aunty had adopted the vegetarian lifestyle and eliminated the consumption of alcohol. She was an avid meat eater. As regards alcohol consumption (Bacardi Breezer), it was more restricted to get-togethers only. Since she was blessed by Guru Ji in this regard, she wanted me to follow her as well. There was a lot of pressure on me. However, I stood adamant and mentioned to her that I will neither eliminate nor reduce eating of meat/ consumption of alcohol. I used to relish my 'neat' "single malts".

To support my viewpoint, I used to state that even Guru Ji never stopped anyone from enjoying life, including partying, drinking, eating meat, etc. However, at this point, I would like to add that Guru Ji always used to say that you must listen to Gurbani Shabads even if you do not understand the meanings of these Shabads and also share your blessings (experiences) received from Him for everyone's benefits.

My Connection with Guru Ji
Over the last 13+ months, though I continued to party as usual, yet connected with Guru Ji through Satsangs and Gurbani Shabads. To understand the meanings of Gurbani Shabads initially, it was a big challenge. However, as Guru Ji had suggested, I continued to listen to Gurbani Shabads without understanding the meanings. Some of these Shabads had "Vyakhaya" as well, which helped me understand the meanings of some of these Shabads. Thanks to Bhai Harbans Singh Ji and Bhai Chamanjeet Singhi Ji Lal, their Shabads with "Vyakhaya" made my life much easier; however, still a long way to go through!!!

How the Change Happened
I am currently in Delhi because my father is not well. With Guru Ji's blessings, he is recovering faster than expected. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…Guru Ji ka Har Pal Shukrana.

On Sunday 17th April 2016, at 11:40pm, I received a video clipping of a Shabad titled "Keo Murgi Maarey" on my WhatsApp from my co-brother. Neither my co-brother eats meat nor does he drink alcohol. Though he visits "Bade Mandir" once in a while, he is more connected with Guru Nanak Ji.

I viewed the clipping but was interested to see the whole video. As a result, I went to "YouTube" immediately and started viewing the full video, which is 1 hour, 6 minutes and 46 seconds long. I watched for about 26 minutes as I was feeling sleepy. However, I could not sleep properly because this video made me very restless. As soon as I got up on Monday morning, I downloaded this video as MP3 while watching the video online. My aunty and I left for "Bade Mandir" around 4pm. Before we left, I had listened to the audio at least 5 times and shared the same with my aunty and my-in-laws. While driving to "Bade Mandir", I started this Shabad again and within 2 minutes, I confirmed to my aunty that I am adopting vegetarian lifestyle going forward. At this point, I remembered what Guru Ji used to say about listening to Shabads. Guru Ji simply wants you to connect with Him; all corrections will follow once you start listening to Shabads and applying their learnings in your day to day life. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…

My aunty could not believe her ears and reconfirmed a few times before I saw smile on her face. She then questioned me "what about alcohol". I told her that my decision is regarding meat only. I was convinced after listening to the Shabad that eating meat is not what a human should do.

At this point, we received invitations for 3 Satsangs in Delhi from Arora uncle/ Vicky uncle. I attended the first Satsang at Kapoor uncle's house in Paschim Vihar on Tuesday. This is the first Satsang I had attended outside "Bade Mandir" or "own home" in Delhi. The other two Satsangs were in Kirti Nagar on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we could not attend the first Satsang on Wednesday but with Guru Ji's blessings, my aunty and I attended the second Satsang at Kapoor uncle's house on Wednesday.

Thereafter, we went to Arora uncle's house in Kirti Nagar. We felt Guru Ji's presence in his home and shared our experiences. Arora uncle shared his blessings from Guru Ji as to how he eliminated consumption of alcohol. As soon as he completed his Satsang, my aunty asked me to quit as well. By the time, I was convinced and got my answer and took the decision to eliminate consumption of alcohol from my life. Both Arora uncle and my aunty reconfirmed about my decision, which is there to continue until I live. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…

In fact, I could have eliminated consumption of alcohol, after listening to the Shabad "Keo Murgi Maarey". But, as humans, we tend to be selfish. I, possibly, wanted to continue to enjoy my 'neat' "single malts". However, Guru Ji has some other plans for me; He wanted me to go to Arora uncle's house and listened to his specific Satsang on alcohol. Guru Ji ka Har Pal Shukrana.

Though I have taken due care in describing my blessings, I will continue to ask for forgiveness from Guru Ji in case I have misstated or overstated or understated any facts. Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…Guru Ji ka Har Pal Shukrana.

Given below is the link for the Shabad "Keo Murgi Maarey" performed by Bhai Gurpreet Singh Ji (Bombay Wale) in case you are interested in listening to the full Shabad:

Another Shabad, which has given answers to my many unanswered questions is "Jo Mai Kiya So Mai Paya" performed by Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji (Ludhiane Wale):

Jai Guru Ji, Jai Jai Guru Ji…Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay, Om Namah Shivay Guru Ji Sada Sahay.

Amit uncle, Guru Ji's devotee…
April 2016

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