Monday, April 11, 2016


Forwarded from another group:

"Importance of Chappan Bhog Guruji Prasad Langar
How Sangat in millions are getting treated mentally, physically and medically... why and what are the reasons which makes Sangat, suffering from ailments, becoming okay and getting tempted to come again .... what is there in that place which makes Prasad so important....

This Special Spiritual Langar Prasad, which Guruji started in His Human Form, still exists with same Rules of cooking under Strict Guidelines by certain Sewadaars deputed with Guruji Aadesh.... Only Holy, pious and dedicated souls are allowed in the Pantry car or room whereby Langar is made under vibrations of melodious Shabads.....
Selected Sangat, with Guruji's bulava are invited to have this Divine Prasad. Four different souls, generally unknown to each other, made to sit in courtyard on the floor to have Prasad with Guruji Jaap on
Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay
Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay
then Thali Prasad comes with generally two sabzis, one sweet mostly Halwa, Salad with Green Chutney and Chapattis, may be four..
Now comes significance of one liquid gravy sabzi, one solid dry sabzi, one sweet Halwa with dry fruits, sometimes Green Salad, with Chutney and Roti prasad..
Why one solid and one liquid sabzi, why Sweet and why salad with Green Chutney becomes so important for patients or normal sangat... One liquid sabzi generally Dal or Paneer or Aloo.. liquid represents flowing life with Peace and Prosperity, Solid form Sabzi signifies strength, whereby our life is just into struggles and Guruji signifies not to worry and accept life with ever changing situations, and remain strong in the midst of challenging circumstances, and shortly, I am going to give you a beautiful life, if you follow my Principles of Sewa, Simran, Satsang, Shabad and Shukrana.
Sweet halwa signifies good times ahead
Chutney with Salad because our Karmas still have debit balance so Guruji wants us to go through grinding action, not to be taken as punishment, but bestowed with Guruji Grace and blessings, an act of cutting down our bad karmas.
Then of course Roti prashad assures, I will not die of hunger, and it means bread for survival is assured by Guruji that is why He has called us at Bade Mandir.
This is not only a thali of certain meals but it is a medicine, a Chappan Bogh by Sri Sai Lord, it is a meal by Gareeb Nawaz and it is a complete package of blessings at Holy place of Bade Mandir where Divine powers used to recite Mahamrityunjay Maha Mantra, whereby they knew in future this would become a Great Holy place."
Shukrana Guruji
Jai Guruji

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