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Some quotes of Guruji.

As received.
Some quotes of Guruji. Jai Guruji 🌹

Sewa : Real sewa is unselfish, without demands."

"Jo kam tusi karde ho, ude karan nal kissi hor da v bhala ho jave ta ki pharak painda hai." – Guruji
"In your daily life, if the work that you do benefits others, what difference does it make?"

Guruji's orders were that he was never to be printed about in the media. "Jo pravachan karde ne, bolde ne, o asal nahin...asal guru hamesha apne aap nu lukaayega." – Guruji
"A real guru will always try to hide himself. Those who proclaim themselves are not authentic (real)."
We sat till 2 am. Gurdas Maan's tape was on, "raton ko uth uth kar....", it was so apt. He prayed and did tapp so that we could sleep peacefully. Guruji never slept. He continuously did paath.

"Do jane nal bethe hovange; fragrance ek nu ayegi dooje nu nahin kyonki aye mere utte hai kinoo deni hai." – Guruji
The fragrance from his body enhanced according to his will. It is prashad as he explained. One could get it in the mandir or at home.

Guruji once said "Ki khavo ge? Tomatoes vich v spray hai." on food contamination.

"Gurbani de tape sunde ho?" – Guruji
I answered, "Haanji Guruji, kadi kadi."
"Samajh ande ne?" – Guruji
I replied, "ji, thode thode."
"Sunya karo, chhange honde ne." He said.

"Jad main tuwanu dance karanah wa, thuwaddi body da poora X-ray khitch janda hai hor jithe kharabi hondi hai, main theek karna vaan." – Guruji
"When I make you dance, the whole body's X-ray is etched out in front of me, I can see the malfunctioning and cure it."

Guruji asked sangat to read 'Shiv Puran' the Holy book.

"Botta paisa changa nahin honda. Sai itna deejiye ja main kutumb samai." – Guruji
"Too much money is not good. One should have just enough for the family."

"Guru agge apne karam bakshwa lene chahide ne. O karam jo tuwanu nahin pata ki tusi galat kare ne o v." – Guruji "One should ask for forgiveness in front of a guru even of those sins which you do not know you have committed."

"Guru vaste aina pyar hona chahida ki sutte, jagte, lipstick lagande vele v guru chete hove." – Guruji
"Your love for your Guru should be such that you remember him every waking, sleeping moment, even when putting on lipstick."

"Moksha milda hai?" I asked.
"Jeh chhange karam karo tah. Do good for humanity."

"I am a rasik bairagi, who takes you towards prayer but does not take you away from your family duties." – Guruji

"Mein srishti ke pher mein kabhi hastakshape nahin karda...lekin jidde utte guruan di mauj aa jave, lekh mitakar nava lekh likh saknawan." – Guruji
"I normally do not interfere in the wheel of life and karma but if I decide to do so, I can rewrite your destiny."

"Guruan di gal, patthar di lakeer." – Guruji
"A Guru's words are the ultimate. Whatever I say will happen."

"Negative gane nahi sunne chahide…har negative serial, picture nahi vekhni." – Guruji
"Skip hearing sad and depressing songs. Avoid watching negative films."

"Manglik, phazul de vaham ne." – Guruji
"There is no such thing as a person being manglik."
"Non veg nahi khaoge te changge rahoge." – Guruji
"You would be better off being a vegetarian."

"Ghar da langar sabton changa honda hai." – Guruji
"Your house langar is best, avoid eating out too much."

"Aatm Hatya karna bahut vadda paap honda hai." – Guruji
"It is a huge sin to commit suicide."

When asked about another pious place, Guruji answered, "Ajmer Sherif." Ajmer Sherif is authentic, pious.

When asked about a female Guru, Guruji answered, "Aurat Kadi Guru nahiho sakdi."

"Jad tusi diamond pande ho, changi quality leni chahidi hai kyonki uda twade utte asar honda hai." – Guruji
"When deciding to wear diamonds, choose good quality as it has an effect on the wearer."

"Main kisi political party nu belong nahi karda." – Guruji
"I do not belong to any political party."

"Chadaye huae phul nahi lene. Ghar jande vakt nadi vich baha dena." – Guruji
"Guruji had ordered us not to take home flowers given by someone else to him. We got a duty to immerse them in any river on the way back home from Punjab to Delhi."

"Salwar kameez sabto changi dress hondi hai." – Guruji
"Salwar kameez is the most appropriate dress for women, better than a saree."

"Phave sab de kol pura ghar hai par rehna ek bedroom vich hai. Rehen vaste ghar da ek kamra kam anda hai." – Guruji
"One has a house but actually uses a bedroom to live in."

Regarding the copper vessel for the patient who cannot reach the Bade Mandir.
"Je meri photo nal tambe da lota chuva deyo ta o bless ho gaya. Kadi v detergent de nal nahi dhona. Ratti nimbu ya rakh de nal dho ke bhar kerakho, swere pahla pe lo", Guruji said. "Touch my photo to a copper vessel and it is blessed. Never use detergent to clean it. Only use lemon or ash. Fill it up at night after cleaning and drink first thing in the morning."

"Ay kalyug hai, aide vich rab jaldi mil janda ve. Putha nahin latakna painda." – Guruji
"Today in Kalyug, God is easily achievable, you do not have to hang upside down from trees and do penance, just pray and thank Him."

A sweet fragrance emitted from his being. He told me it was years of penance.... a Heaven within called "Sachkhand".

There was nothing as new or old sangat in His presence. He would tell us not to count the years of our association with Him, as He said only He knew how many births we were associated with Him for. He could see the past, present and the future. Nothing was hidden from Him. He could tell what one had eaten for any meal just to show that He knew it all.

"Mere naal direct connection jodo."– Guruji
"Have a direct connection with me. I first bless those who guide you to me, after that the journey is yours."

"Gulab vich v kanda honda hai."– Guruji
"If something good has something negative attached to it, take it in your stride, accept, as nothing is perfect."

"Samay kissi ka intezar nahi karta." – Guruji
"Time waits for nobody."

"Paath kidre v kar sakde ho, ghar de kisi v kamre vich rab nu yaad kar sakde ho, toilet vich v." – Guruji.
"You can pray and remember God anywhere, and in any room of your house, even in the toilet."

"Samay nu hamesha vadha ke dasde ne. Pone 9 na kavo, 8 .45 (ath pantali) kavo." – Guruji
"Time should always be increased, not decreased and told. Don't say a quarter to 9, say eight forty five (8.45) instead."

"Loki enna faltu kharcha karde ne vyah utte. Vyah simple hone chahide ne. Asal ceremony kinni jaldi ho jandi hai." – Guruji
"People spend extravagantly on weddings, it should be kept simple. The actual ceremony doesn't take much time."

Walking down a lane with Guruji one day I requested him to walk on pavement but he continued walking on the road. He increased his speed when we approached a T point, a motor cyclist came with great speed on the main road, his bike somersaulted and whirled in the air quite high and went crashing on the road with great ferocity. I screamed,"Wahe Guru!" left on the main road and continued walking saying, "Bach gaya hai. Udi maa di duavan ne unu bacha litta hai." He is saved due to his mother's earlier prayers.

A Guru never takes back His blessings. His ways are gracious and wondrous. We are not to equate His blessings with monetary gain or loss.

Jai Guruji Maharaj

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