Thursday, March 24, 2016


Jai Guru Ji
Fowdarded Satsang


Today's sumthing strange happen ,
I am at Shiridi today for Darshan due to 5 days long vacation very very long queues, minimum time for normal Darshan is 5 hrs queue..

As due to hectic schedule from last 4 days was not able to stand in such a long queue.. I opt all options for VIP Darshans but thy said not possible without such prior documents by local administration and even in VIP total 2 hrs still needed , 1 hr line for VIP passes thn 1 for Darshan ...

As trying from last 2 hrs fed up and give up.. I said ok Darshan Nahi hote na ho..

I always keep One Small Swaroop of Guru Ji with me .. Mene Guru Ji Swaroop ko Bahar lekar bola,
lets go Guru Ji .. Mujhe Nahi aana tha,
Suddenly when I start walking back, from vip entry gate,
one uncle called me uncle, Darshan Ho Gaye Aapko , I replied uncle 5 hrs queue hai and VIP Darshan Ka arrangement Nahi hai,
I am going back..

He said Jai Guru Ji , I replied
Jai Guru Ji , I askd uncle Aapko kese pata Chala Guru Ji ....

He said I noticed u with one small Swaroop of Guru Ji, I replied uncle itni Bheed mei , he said when I saw you,Mujhe kuch Guru Ji Ka feel huya, Thts why I stopped you ..

He said he is attached with GuruJi fro last 7 years and he is from Mum.. His wife is a devote of Sai Baba , so his whole family Is for Darshan ..

he said uncle if u won't mind, I have one extra VVIP mem pass for my close frn,
but due to some emergency he cancelled in last moment, As My wife is a mem of Shiridi trust So get this VVIP Darshan passes,

And thn we all gone for Darshan , trust me with in 10 min. ham log Darshan kar ke Bahar the..
Now I can confidently. Say Guru Ji is always thr, always always thr to help us ..
Jai Guru Ji..

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