Saturday, March 5, 2016


Jai Guruji.
I am sharing this satsang today as per my gurujis wishes.
Guruji has been in my life ever since I met my husband. I recently gave birth to my son Kabir few months back in Canada and came back to India to my in laws house.
My husband's family believes in a different religious sect of Gurus.
One fine day I was told that a great mahatmaji was going to visit our home just to bless my child and meet Dadi maa. This mahatmaji is next in line to be the Guru Maharaj Ji.
I had seen him only once at a religious gathering but his face was really blurry. However the day he came to our home I was shocked to see as to how much he looked like my Guruji. I kept asking my husband during the religious gathering, "don't you think he looks like Guruji?" And he just smiled, looked confused and said no. When mahatmaji was leaving I all of a sudden had a sunken feeling in my heart as if Guruji was leaving my home. I felt sad and I was really confused.
I ran towards the exit door with my son Kabir and he looked right at me and blessed my child for the second time.
For one whole day i kept asking my husband how he couldn't see what I saw. I kept asking him if he saw somewhat resemblance to Guruji in mahatmaji. I kept getting no as an answer but he did tell me that I was lucky if Guruji gave me darshan.

I still couldn't believe it as to how Guruji could come meet me and my child in human form. To prove it, my Guruji came in my dream the next day wearing exact same orange/peach chola that the mahatmaji was wearing, sitting on the same couch smiling.
In my dream I cried and asked Guruji "Guruji woh aap hi the na? Please tell me"
And he gave me the sweetest smirky smile and finally nodded.

Guruji came in my dream himself after giving me darshan in human form to prove that it was actually him who came to meet my child and bless him.

I still cannot believe I experienced it. There's so much more that I want to share but will do so once I get agya from Guruji.

Jai Guruji🌹🙏

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