Friday, March 18, 2016


Jai Guruji

With Guruji's hukam, I am blessed to share satsang of our maid, Lalita.

Satsang 1 -
Lalita came to us very tensed saying her son who is 9 yrs old, very ill. Doctors have given expensive medicines and tests and the reports suggests he has jaundice. I would also like to mention, Lalita is a single parent and a very hard working lady. Both her children are studying in school and she looks after their every need like a flourished father.

Seeing her so tensed, mom makes her wear Guruji's locket. She sends one for her son too. I don't know how Guruji designs to cure his Sangat, we were to go to Bade Mandir and the car had space of 2 people. We thought of taking Lalita and her son with us. Lalita bunked her other homes and came along for Darshan. His son had Guruji's divine Langar Parshad in Bade Mandir. While we were still at the exit gate, someone from Sangat hands him Guruji's small Swaroop. And we told him, now he needs not to worry, Guruji has blessed him by calling him to his darbaar today.

Next day, Lalita comes and tells the doc says the boy is fine and has no jaundice. Her son felt better and was very happy when he was returning that day from Mandir. Jai Guruji!!

Satsang 2-
Lalita works selflessly whenever we have Satsang of Guruji at our place. She would come early, stay late, serve the Sangat and without any expectations from us or Guruji.
Last time she was ill, she had blocked nose, bad throat and fever. Still continued with the sewa and helped us setting up the Darbaar.

Next day when she came to work, she told us she felt absolutely fine. No fever and with same energy. Who did that ? Needless to guess, GURUJI!

Satsang 3-
For a person like Lalita who is singlehandedly bringing up two children, running her home even a small amount of saving means a big deal. It was one morning when she came running to us and told that her brother had taken some money from her to buy a plot in her name. Now he has constructed two floors and refuses to give her share in the floor. We again asked her to pray to Guruji and have faith. If Guruji wants, he will definitely turn the things around. This is 2 -3 month old story.

Today when she came to work, she told that her same brother came to her yesterday and begged for her forgiveness. He asked her to come and stay in her floor which is her!!
And now she is shifting to stay in her own house soon. Who did that ? :)

While I am writing this Satsang sitting in Guruji's mandir at home, the track on system is "Bigdi mere taqdir ko, tune banana hain Guruji, dar chord ke tera kahin aur na janna hain"

Har ek di nerde hoke sunda, kis tarah na gavaan gun main aapne garib niwaaj de!! Jo aapni bhagat di aap laaj rakhde ne.

Dhan Dhan Guruji. Dhan kita Guruji aapni sangat bana ke. Sanu aapne warga SATGURU bakshan lai.

Jai Guruji/ bhul chuk maaf.

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