Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sakshi Aunty

Guru ji ki mahima apram par hai DHAN DHAN GURU JI
Satsang shared by sakshi aunty..
Jai Guruji. Main aapke saath apna satsang share kar rhi hun. I was depressed nd worried bcz i was not able to conceive. I had harmones problems nd infections. Nidhi aynty she is guruji's sangat nd our relative. She told me abt Guruji in Feb 2014. I was like i had been to many places for baby. Now i will get nothing from here as well. One day she msgd me there is a satsang in Gurgaon nearby our home. So we all went me my husband nd my inlaws. I felt as if something is there for me. And guruji was calling me there to hear a satsang shared by one uncle that how her daughter beacame pregnant by Guruji's grace. And there i got my answer. We came back home. And I decided to go to bade mandir. In march 2014, we went to Guruji's mandir it was holi on dat day. Nd i was filled with positive vibrations. In march i visited my gynaecologist , she said u cant concieve without medication nd treatment. If this current treatment doest work then u have to thru iui treatment. Me nd my husband we both dint want this iui treatment. I came home nd nd started telepathy with my Guruji swaroop in my mobile . I asked nidhi aunty for guruji's swaroop. In 1st week of April 2014 i got Guruji's swaroop from her. Guruji in yellow chola wow lovely swaroop. I started talking to Guruji's swaroop. One day i was very depressed nd i cried alot in front of Guruji's swaroop. Nd i heard nd internal bvoice in punjabi " main de dya gan". That very night i got a dream, one doc came in my dream nd said y r u going thru dis doc treatment. U r Guruji's sangat , go and have Guruji's chai prasad nd langar prasad. Next morning i thrown medicines in dustbin, my husband was like u have gone mad. Nd i started going to satsangs with my family in Gurgaon only. I went to a satsang where one uncle said that " guruji kehte hai k stones haathon mein nhi pehne chahiye, ae mainu rokde ne , main twadi kismat badal sakta han te ai wich rukawat bande ne. Stone ya pani main baha du ya Guruji k swaroop k aage rakh do. I came home nd was asking guruji k main bhi kya apne stones wali ring utar k rakh dun. Pls guruji answer do. And got a msg in phone that there is a satsang in gurgaon. Hum log satsang pe gye wahi uncle nd he shared same satsang k stone mat pehna karo haathon mein. I came home nd removed all rings nd kept in front of Guruji swaroop nd said ab Guruji aap dekho inka kya karna hai. In second last week of April 2014. I again got a dream where my husband told me that Guruji ne kaha hai k pregnancy test thursday ko karna it was friday when i got dis dream. Nd Guruji called us in satsang on Saturday nd i said Guruji i have surrendered to u. Nd wow again on Sunday guruji called us to bade mandir. Nd sunday night i got a dream, one doc came and gave me a new born baby. Next monday morning i woke up, got msg on my phone from nidhi aunty , dat sakshi Guruji told me he blessed u , tell me abt that bkessjng. I wasnt sure wat wast it. I was getting ready for ofc nd i heard guruji's voice " main de ditta hai". I was very happy mann mejn hi. Nd i told my husband abt this on Tuesday. My husband again was like k without medicines its not possible nd u haven't taken any treatment. So stop all this. I had a fight with my husband that bring pregnancy test, i did test on Thursday early morning nd there we go, it was positive , me and my husband had tears in ours. Nd said thank u Guruji shukrana Guruji. Nd my husband started believing in Guruji. In end of April 2014 iwas pregnant. I had many complications in pregnancy, i was on bedrest for 7 months. I as admited to hospital for delivery on 4th Jan Doc came in night nd asked if u want c section or normal delivery as baby head is not fixed nd heart beat is going down baby ki. I was very scared of normal delivery as i had lot of complications throughout pregnancy. I had a guruji's swaroop with me, so asked Guruji k aap batao kya karna chahiye. Sunday night someone came nd gave a Guruji swaroop to doc nd said k yeh unki wife ko dena , on bed next to me in labour room.Just before that i said Guruji i want c section , pains nhi le sakti ab baby jadi thik thak de do. Nd Guruji came inside the labour. I got answer that Guruji is with me. I called my doc nd said i want c section tomorrow morning which is monday. She said ok she will operate at 8 am. Nd i went in OT with Guruji's swaroop, doc gave me anesthesia at 7:55 so that baby can come out by 8am as doc planned. Anesthesia didn't work doc it is not possible. At 8am doc started operation and my baby came out at 8:04am monday as planned by my Guruji. While my operation was going on in hospital they played shabad gurbani in fortis. Delivery baby girl on 5th jan 2015. She is guruji's baby. Shukrana Guruji. Bahut bahut shukrana Guruji. Her name is sharanya, Guruji's sharan.

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