Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sanjeev Kashyap

'Ek Takia Bharosa tere Charna Da' - Only thy Lotus Feet are my refuge, My Lord

I had to quit my well-paid job because of some strange reasons. I knew that since I had good experience by my side, it would not be difficult for me to find another. I kept on applying for jobs - to no avail.

I faced successive failures for four-six months. I lost my confidence and faith in God and faced social humiliation. Frustration and dissatisfaction began creeping up and my bank balance started reducing. I went up to the extent of telling my wife to buy some pesticide and end our lives. I knew it was a bad decision, but I felt I was left with no option.

At this juncture, I received a phone call from my friend. On his advice, I went to Guruji. I saw a saint sitting and talking to the people around Him,shabads were being played, tea and langar were being served. I went to Guruji after langar to seek His blessings and returned home. I did not say anything to Guruji, keeping to my friend's advice that one need not ask Guruji for anything, since He knows all.

I thought that I had gone to Guruji in pain and was returning in pain - without any cure. If I could not express my pain to Him, how will He come to know what I need and if I cannot ask for what I need, then what is the point of going to Him?

My friend insisted that I go again, but I refused and told him: "Guruji cannot do anything because I have not told him my problem. Being an educated and literate man I cannot believe that He is God and knows everything."

The very next day, I got an interview letter for a good position. I called up my friend; he said that this was because of Guruji's blessing. I disagreed, pointing out that I had applied for the job 15 days ago.

The interview went well, and I was waiting for the results. To my surprise, I was rejected. I was shattered. I stopped applying for jobs and two months went by. My situation was desperate, and my friend called me again and this time he commanded me to go to Guruji.

I went to Guruji, knowing that there was no harm in trying it out and knowing that I had nothing to lose. The situation could not become worse.

I was watching the sangat take leave of Guruji. I was praying hard, telling Guruji that only He could help me for I had tried everything and was done with it. Time and again the words of the shabad I had listened to that very evening - Ek takia bharosa tere charna da aur sab bedhainya de diya - would come to my mind.

There were only a dozen people left when Guruji got up and came to me. He said: "Hore wai tun kidan aayan hain (How come you are here)?" I was unnerved to discover how Guruji knew that I denied His existence, but I could not utter a word.

I was just able to mutter a low 'Guruji', when He asked me whom I had come with. I replied - with great difficulty - that I had come with my wife and He called her. I ran outside and called her back in. Guruji asked her name and then uttered His golden words: "Chal, ja tera kalyan kar dita (I have blessed you)."

I could not get up from the floor for the next two-three minutes.

With Guruji's blessings, I started applying for jobs. I found an opening over the internet, applied and the next day I got the call. I went to meet the Vice-President & Managing Director of the company and it seemed as if they were waiting for me.

In 10 minutes, a letter was issued in my name. The same evening I came to Guruji, as I wanted to apologize for my misdeeds. I accepted where I was wrong and most importantly, I really wanted to thank Him.

When it was time to leave Him, I went ahead of the queue. Guruji looked at me and then lent His ear. I told Guruji that I had been jobless for nine months, but with His blessings, I had got a job. Guruji was silent for a moment and then said: "Ja phir, aish kar (Go then, enjoy)."

His words have come true. Not only do I have fun at my job but also all the tasks that are entrusted to me go off perfectly. Everyone is impressed. I am convinced Guruji is doing it. I often tell people that earlier I was alive, only now have I started living.

Sanjeev Kashyap, devotee

🍃🌹Shukrane Guru Ji🌹🍃

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