Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rheumatoid arthritis

Jai Guruji 🙏🏻🙏🏻
I would like to bow my head in Guruji 's lotus feet and seek His permission to share my satsang that only talks about how Guruji showered His blessings on my 8 year old son.
Around the last week of December, my son started having pain in his left ankle but there was no fracture and within 3 days he was fine. Time passed by and on the morning of 12 th February he started complaining of pain and by evening his same ankle was swollen and had so much pain that he got fever with it. The next day we took him to a ortho who plastered his ankle declaring it is a tissue injury and complete bed rest. A week went by and he started feeling stiffness in his left knee. He wouldn't let us touch it and would scream with pain. As his pain would worsen so would his fever. Finally I went to his paediatrician who feared Rheumatoid arthritis. It took the life out of me. As a mother one cannot possibly think your child suffering so much. I gathered my strength and in my heart spoke to Guruji and promised Him that I won't break, I won't let even a tear drop fall from my eyes and I certainly won't loose my faith in you. I was sure that whatever Guruji will do, will be for my 8- year old 's well being only. I placed Guruji s Swaroop under his pillow and one on his bed side. I told Guruji that I have my complete faith in Him and will accept all His decisions. If something goes wrong in the reports, both mother n son would fight the problem together with Guruji's grace only.
Today morning we took him for blood tests and got the reports by evening.
And Viola! My little boy was tested negative for RA factor, however he has some infection in his blood for which doctor has prescribed medicines. He will be fine soon. But what the doctor feared turned negative......
Such is Guruji s divinity, He takes care of us all. He gives us the strength to face situations. He neutralises the situations so as to we can react positively to them. Everything is done as per His will and we are merely puppets in His divine hands. And most importantly He listens to every silent prayer of our hearts.
Aise Gur ko bal bal jaaiye
Aise Gur Ko bal bal jaaiye
Aap Mukut Mohe Taaray
Aap Mukut Mohe Taaray


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