Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hernia patient

A patient of hernia once came to Guruji in severe pain. "Guruji please bless me, I don't want to undergo an operation."
He begged.

Guruji looked at him and said, "Ok, if you don't want to undergo an operation then do one thing for me while I'm out."

I'll do anything Guruji, please help me." He went on.

"Carry all my flower pots that you see here to the terrace, and bring all the ones on the terrace down. Remember you mustn't take anyone's help."

Having said this Guruji went out of the temple.

In Guruji absence, he very sincerely did as he was told.

Inspite of having pain he had so much of faith in his Guru that he was willing to die trying.

He soon realized that the more pots he carried, lesser was his pain.

When the last pot was left to bring down, Guruji came back to the temple and called for him.
"So, how many pots are left?"

"Guruji just one more to go." He replied.

"Bring the last one down as well or else the operation I have performed on you will be incomplete." Guruji jokingly said.

He brought down the last pot and that was the end of his pain. He never had the problem of hernia again.

Jai Guru Ji 🙏

Shukrane Guru ji🌹🙏

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