Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guruji’s Kalyan Mudra-

Guruji's Kalyan Mudra-

When Guruji was in His physical form, as one sits at a distance, cannot help but observe him as He sat on his aasan amongst the sangat. He hardly spoke but his eyes scanned each and everyone. His look was piercing and so powerful that it seemed to be reaching one's soul. This look of no more than a mere second took half of the devotees problems.

At times when we did the pray for something and did pranam, He would not even look at us. We used to feel ignored and hurt. However in couple of days we used to get what we were praying for. The next time when we go to him, he may say something and look at us intently and give us that mischievous smile, as if saying "Happy!!" without even uttering a word.

His action with his hands –rubbing them together, pressing the fingers with his thumbs, pressing the inside and outside of His fingers, touching various parts of his face have been witnessed by all sangat members. And it is much later one realizes the import of these seemingly inconspicuous actions. As He sits there amongst the sangat, He is going through their "FILES" – as He would call them and see what was going on with all those present in the sangat and even those who were not present there. He decides what has to be done in each and every case. He simply sits there, looks at people and takes away insurmountable problems and blesses his sangat in best way he sees fit. (See the picture attached)

There have been times when suddenly He seems to go into a deep trance in the middle of the conversation. It lasts a few seconds and then He is back. Many sangat members have wondered about that but no one ever gathered courage to ask Him.

Perhaps, sensing that once, when He had returned from a few seconds of trance, He explained that He had gone to cure a devotee thousands of kilometers away. Thus to the uninitiated, He is a Guru who may seem to ignore his devotee's desire of talking to him but will always bless them with just mere a look. He can even cross seven seas to save a devotees life and come back all in a few seconds!!

The bigger your faith, the bigger his game (kirpa).

Dhan Guruji

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