Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Our Guruji is truly an amazing alchemist who transforms His devotees from within. It is only by the bestowal of His causeless redeeming grace that the veil of Maya is lifted and the darkness, Is dispelled. The fully surrendered consciousness of His chosen true devotees, becomes entirely illuminated, elevated and purified by His grace, while their ego is completely dissolved.. liberates one from the bondage of material existence and terminates the miserable unremitting cycle of endless births and deaths.
It is by Guruji's grace alone, that one develops pure awareness of the true purpose of human existence and forms an abiding commitment to unreservedly follow the path of spiritual advancement with firm determination, resulting in profound transformation and phenomenal spiritual growth in a relatively short span of time.

There were a few key things that He used to mention very regularly .
He consistently stated to His sangat that "Saare duniyabi cheezan mangan aande hai...asli cheez koi nahi mangda. Asli cheez koi nahi lena chahanda. Logaan nu mahapurushaan di value da hi nahi pata. Asli cheez ki hai mangan wali kuch nahi pata. Jad mein chala jawaanga pher value pata chalegi. Hor kise ne nahi puchhana. Halle te rab saste che miliya hoya hai jo khattna hai khatt lo. Je asli cheez leni hai te le lo. Pher enni aasani naal kuch nahi milna."
This was the true message that got lost somewhere somehow. Only the part about mango mat maano was emphasised upon but not the whole message .Guruji the emphasized on the part about only being a seeker of the asli cheez and never asking for duniyabi cheezan or material things. Guruji always wanted to see His sangat aspiring for the asli cheez which is Bhakti, Simran, Vivek, Vairagya, Kalyan, Moksh and above all His eternal association both in the here and the hereafter. Only those who are aspirants of the asli cheez, achieve the highest perfection and become qualified to transcend the temporal plane. They ascend to His supreme abode in the eternal spiritual realms attaining the ultimate refuge of liberated beings. They gain His eternal association most assuredly and are never subjected to rebirth, death, dissolution ever again. They attain the absolute cessation of suffering and sorrow and abide eternally in perfect peace and absolute bliss.

The asli cheez is eternal, infinite and everlasting unlike material accomplishments which are limited, temporary and finite in nature. They who unconditionally surrender to Guruji with pure motives and loving devotion in their hearts, free from desires or expectations .They are endowed with the ultimate reward...the supreme spiritual treasure of the asli cheez. The asli cheez is the 'asli kamai' which we are meant to earn during our human existence. That is what human birth is really meant for. How tragic it would be if we were to waste this precious human birth even after coming into Guruji's sharan and that is exactly what we would be doing if we were to still keep seeking duniyabi cheezan or material things as opposed to seeking the asli cheez. Hence the most important message of Guruji is to seek the asli cheez. 'Maango mat' is meant in the context of duniyabi cheezan or material rewards, material prosperity, objects of sense-gratification and ego-based worldly pursuits. 'Mano' means to unquestioningly obey His divine injunctions and spiritual directives by practising His teachings whole-heartedly, following the principles of eternal righteousness without deviation and pursuing the path of spirituality , by becoming a pure devotee and true aspirant of the asli cheez. This is the true meaning of Maango mat mano !
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