Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gen Deepinder Singh

Jai Guruji
Our family is associated with Guruji since 1997 we used to go to Guruji's Satsang everyday without fail in order to get His Blessings He loves His Sangat like a family. On Holi both of us were away to Mansa Devi shrine & Gurdwara Nada Sahib as it was a Puranmasi Harpreet was at home. Guruji called & he picked up the phone. Guruji said Aneja kithe he Harpreet said Guruji mom & dad have gone to Mandir & Gurdwara. Guruji said ohnu khi ke call kre we came back Harpreet who was a school at that time was so excited & gave us the message. Both of us were excited & surprised also that why Guruji called us. Immediately Aneja uncle called Guruji Guruji said Aneja sagat joria kar. Deepinder Aunty de ghar jia kar. So is our Guruji He wants that Sangat should live like a family. Never worry about Langar & space. Let Guruji take care of it
We have heard so many Satsangs about Langar being multiplied. Since 1998 on every first Saturday of the month Satsang is held at Gen Deepinder Singh's residence at house no 10 in sector 12 A Pancchkula. It is always held in the same simple & old way with Guruji's picture on a chair as it was held in Guruji's Physical Divine Presence
🙏🌹Jai Guruji

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